For the entirety of the election season the Democrats and Big Media have labeled anyone who has supported Trump as a Bigot, Racist, Homophobic or Sexist. The reality is most Trump supporters are none of these things because like most Americans they simply do not care enough to allow irrelevant attributes define how they see a person. Unlike far left Democrats, who have pushed the narrative of “Identity Politics” to fanatical levels recently, many Americans would like to transition our society to a place where a person’s quality of character, work ethic, commitment to Country, Community and Family out weight  those attributes that are more an “accident of birth” than a measure of the individual. Now I use the term “accident of birth” not as a negative, but simply as a phrase to convey that you could have been born with any combination of race, gender or sexuality, but those are not your defining attributes.

No most Trump supporters voted the way they did because it was a choice between two flawed candidates.  You had one candidate that regularly made indefensible stupid statements, but had an economic message that promised to loosen regulation and free businesses to expand versus the other candidate that had a 30 year history of corruption and an economic message of four more years of a continuation of policies that have left us with a sluggish economy. It was a choice between individual freedoms versus more social solutions via government infringement. For many Trump Supporters the choice was obvious.

Since Trump’s victory the Left has continued the policy of blaming everyone, but themselves. Each new excuse they parade forward only makes them look more desperate and hypocritical to the average American. They would have you believe that the coronation of Hillary Clinton did not occur due to Racism/Sexism, James Comey, the Electoral System, Fake News and now the Russians. And while I am sure some very infinitesimal number of voters may have been swayed by those things in the end it really was the economics that moved the voters.

Democrats are at a crossroads. They lost the election because they had a horrible corrupt candidate that very few people actually liked. Their candidate was forced to the left by Bernie Sanders in the primaries which isolated many independents and because she could never fully open a wide enough gap had to enlist Barrack Obama to campaign on her behalf. This meant she also had to defend his economy and many of his unpopular policies. Their candidate was so caught up in her own echo chamber of how great everything was going that her arrogance allowed her to ignore the middle of the country. Democrats can either accept this reality or they can continue down the path that is devoid of reality where everything, but them is the issue. Based upon the rioting, the blaming, the whining, the meltdown of generation snowflake, the reelection of Pelosi and the pool of candidates being considered for DNC chair, I do not see this changing any time soon. Combine this with rising Trump approvals, an economy that is on the verge of taking off and the number of companies looking to create jobs in the U.S. and the Democrats may very well be in for a very long 8 years.

Posted by redstateronin

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