Liberals now that I have your attention it is time for a reality check. It is time for you to grow up and face the fact that Trump will be Your President. Barring you renouncing your American citizenship and gaining asylum in another country you need to face this fact. You can stop with the nonsense and hair brain schemes before the Democratic Party looks like a Wile E. Coyote parody. Before you start going down the path to Crazytown let me clue you in on a few things that are not going to happen.

  • Joe Biden does not have any procedural options in his back pocket that were granted to him by the Constitution that will allow him to block the certification of Trump as your 45th President. The Electors have voted and in case you had not noticed HRC had more defectors than Trump. Five of them were not #imwithher. An additional three more attempted to jump ship. #yesyourpresident
  • No America is not going to all of a sudden toss 239 years of tradition aside and simply accept the popular vote. And since this can only be changed through the Constitutional Amendment process and not through a Popular Vote I do not see this changing in the next four years either. I guess the costal elites that make up the majority of Democratic Party will have to lower themselves and learn to speak to the middle of the country again. #yesyourpresident
  • No smoking gun of Russian interference will be found that will require some Electoral Mulligan. #yesyourpresident
  • No army of hipsters in skinny jeans is going to rise up from their barista jobs to overthrow the government. #yesyourpresident
  • No John Podesta’s spirit cooking is not going to make HRC magically president. #yesyourpresident
  • No we are not going to find out that HRC was a robot sent from the future to save this election. #yesyourpresident
  • No amount of complaining, lying, demonstrating, protesting, disputing, rioting, petition signing, screaming, shouting, screeching, crying, moaning, wailing, arguing, intimidating, threatening, bullying, menacing, frightening, hectoring, harassing, haggling, bargaining, negotiating, bartering, rationalizing, justifying, pleading, begging, beseeching, lecturing, preaching, propagandizing, “libsplaining” or throwing yourself on the ground like idiots in tantrums will change the fact that Donald J. Trump is your next President. #yesyourpresident

Democrats you are out of options, now please be adults and accept the facts.

Thank you for your time and attention and share this will anyone who still needs a dose of reality.

Posted by redstateronin

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