As the year comes to a close it is important to keep the observance of all the important holiday traditions alive. On December 23 that is the celebration of Festivus and more importantly the “Airing of the Grievances”. For those of you too young to remember or for those that need to brush up on the History of Festivus, you can see a full explanation of the Festivus Celebration from “Seinfeld” here. So polish up that Festivus pole, limber up for the feats of strength and sit back; here are my Grievances for 2016.

Generation Snowflake – The latest generation of Americans arguably live in one of the best moments in history thus far. The level of real social strife is low, great strides being made in social equality, medical advances have eliminated many diseases, technology providing near constant entertainment 24/7 and many have never worked a single day of backbreaking labor. For many in this generation what constitutes a real crisis is their WIFI going down. Yet despite being born to one of the most advantaged lives one can live in the history of mankind, I see nothing, but a torrential stream of bitching and moaning about everything. The sense of entitlement to some special participation trophy utopia is astounding. No not everything in life is fair, but hard work and hustle do a lot to level the playing field.

Conspiracy Theorists – This is for both the Left and the Right. No John Podesta did not run a child prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor. No the Russians did not “hack the election”. People on both sides have shown themselves to be gullible. Stop falling for stupid shit America.

Lena Dunham – Liberals please figure out how to put a muzzle on the pantsuit attack feminist. There is no greater representation of what is wrong with Liberals and Generation Snowflake than this person. From her lunatic rant on why Odell Beckham should have desired her, to her wishing that she had had an abortion, this is everything that conservatives hate with a Twitter account.

Mainstream Media and Pollsters – For a solid year the Mainstream Media and Pollsters told us that Trump had no path to victory. We were assured that the coronation of the Pantsuit Monster would go off without a hitch. While the Mainstream Media was clearly acting in collusion as a branch of the Democratic Party, many of the Pollsters were simply clueless. The main problem was both forgot that there were 46 other states located between New York and California.

Those are my Grievances for 2016. Please feel free to share yours at #airinggrievances2016

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