Once upon a time our Universities were places where students went to learn a profession. They served as places where students were taught the value of intellectual diversity, self-reliance and hard work. It seems lately that Generation Snowflake has no interest in these things and our Colleges and Universities have become only incubators for community organizers and social justice warriors. In the latest episode of College WTF a collective of 25 social activist groups have banned together on the University of Maryland to “Demand” 64 “New Programs, Resources and Initiatives”. Under the banner of ProtectUMD they outline 64 actions that the university must take in order “to serve marginalized student populations.” While some of these demands might be reasonable there are quite a few that are both unreasonable and financially irresponsible. Some of the highlights of these demands include:

  • Staff augmentations of a Dean of Students with full support staff and addition of a full time student coordinator for illegal alien students. – College students are adults. Why do they need university staff to help them navigate the rigors of going to school?
  • Multi-stall gender inclusive bathrooms with full length stalls and Muslim prayer rooms in every building. – Does this mean that each building will include have a Chapel, Jewish Temple, Buddhist Temple, Mormon Temple, Hindu Temple, ect, ect, ect?
  • 4 new types of mandatory diversity training for faculty, staff and students including gender diversity and understanding the special needs of illegal alien students. – Four mandatory courses that could essentially be summed up in four words… “Don’t be an asshole.”
  • Allow student oversight on campus policing, course changes, accreditation of activist groups and search committees for some staff appointments. – Sort of like the patients running the asylum.
  • Thought policing with anti-hate speech policies and punishments, protecting for groups protesting other student events, removal of Columbus and Independence days and censorship of movies. – Who is the arbiter of what needs to be censored here?
  • Creation of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy Office, two new Cultural Centers, increase in funding for another Cultural Center and  money “to bridge the diversity divide on campus.” – So let me see if I get this one. We spend a bunch of money creating ethnically homogeneous safe spaces and then require more money to help bring the students together from the division that this creates?
  • The usual grab bag of freebies like mental health care, non-academic based scholarships, free legal advice and reduced tuition fees for illegal aliens. – How about we require all students to take an economics class instead?
  • Encourage Faculty and Staff support Pro Palestinian position. – No need to wonder why the 25 social advocacy groups did not include any of the Jewish student organizations.

I take offense at the sense of entitlement on display. I will not belabor the point that UMD is a public university which is subsidized by our tax dollars. I will not go on with how most of the items that they demanded cost money, some of which would be substantial to implement and maintain. They do not request or ask for these things. They Demand as if every one of these accommodations is a guaranteed right. They continuously demand more than education out of a university and then are mystified by the cost. They make demands and then hold the University’s reputation for diversity hostage unless those demands are met. Well I for one say give them everything they want, but not one additional tax dollar to the school. If they want to wall themselves up in safe spaces and miss out on the opportunities to broaden their horizons let them pay for it as well. I am sure next year’s article would then focus on their protests on rising tuition.

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