2016 saw the rise (pun intended) of people who refused to stand for the National Anthem or American Flag. It started with a few privileged NFL Players and spread outward from there, even at one point having a few peewee football teams follow suit. Many did not understand the backlash or why others would have issues with the way that they choose to protest what they saw as inequality in America. As a veteran I fully support your right to kneel, sit or curl into a fetal position in the safe space in your mind during the playing of the National Anthem as long as you support my right to disapprove of your disrespect and disagree with the way you are protesting.

Now consider where we would end up if no one stood anymore. What if our Soldiers, Sailors and Marines decided to no longer stand for us? What if our Police, Firefighters and First Responders decided to no longer stand for us? What if all those people that defend America on a daily basis decided that their sacrifice was no longer worth it? How much poorer the world would be without America? Fortunately for us that is something we will never have to experience. Those patriots will continue to stand tall in our defense even when they disagree, because that is the beating heart of America.

Posted by redstateronin

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