Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

When change comes it can blow in like a cold wind. It can be as uncomfortable as a new pair of shoes or meeting the in-laws for the first time. It can be that feeling of embarrassment or confusion that you get when your groceries have been rung up and bagged and you reach for your wallet that is not there. It can be as simple as the surprise of noticing a tree for the first time on a street that you drive down every day. While managing change is about flexibility and preparation, the most important lesson one can learn about change is that sometimes it is comes from unexpected places.

I waited four years for change only to find out I would have to wait at least four more years for it to arrive. If you had asked me during the early primary, I would not had said that President Trump would herald a change for our country. Like many Conservatives we anticipated that he would become a footnote in the Presidential race despite the fact that he gave an unvarnished voice to many of frustrations that Conservatives had during the Obama years. While President Trump’s Inaugural address has many critics they should see it for what it really is, a proclamation of change.

While I remain skeptical of some of President Trump’s positions there are others that make me hopeful. I will remain open minded and judge him fairly by his accomplishments and when he strays from the path of Conservatism and Liberty I will speak out. In three years, when the insanity of the next election arrives, I will revisit this post and evaluate if he has lived up to the expectations that I have set for my President. If he has met the first item on my list below and at least 3 more than I will judge him a success and continue my support.

  1. Turn the Economy Around – There are many that think that never reaching 3% GDP for an entire year is good enough. Many think that 95 Million Americans out of the labor force is good enough. Many think that 50 million Americans living in poverty is acceptable. They are not good enough and it is not acceptable. The one thing that solves all these problems is jobs. While he has done a good job as President Elect using the carrot and stick to start shifting back the recent trends of jobs fleeing our country, President Trump has a long way to go.
  2. Balance the Budget – My wife and I work very hard at making sure we live within our means. We limit the use of our credit cards, save money where we can by spending wisely and we prioritize and plan our budget. I see no reason why we should ask anything less of our government than they be good stewards of our tax dollars and not spend our grandchildren’s money.
  3. Reign in Bureaucrats – I am speaking specifically of those government officials who are not elected that create rules and regulations which carry the weight of law and cost Americans millions of dollars a year in fighting red tape and excessively punitive fines. Agencies like the EPA should be assisting the President execute the laws created by the Senate and Congress, not creating miles of government red tape to justify their existence and importance.
  4. Secure the Border – I know when President Trump said “Build the Wall” he did not mean a brick and mortar structure along the entirety of our border with Mexico. Like many Americans I expect the laws of our land to be followed. I especially do not expect that people who come to our country illegally will be granted extra constitutional protections that I as a citizen do not get because they get a pass on not following the law while I am held accountable. The discussion on what happens to those in our country illegally does not begin until we have significantly stemmed the tide of those illegally entering our country. There can be no argument on what is to be done when it comes to those illegals that have broken our other laws, they must be deported.
  5. Constitutionalist in the Courts – President Trump must appoint judges that strictly adhere to the constitution. This applies to more than the Supreme Court. Most of the decisions that impact us as Americans are made in the Appeals Courts and we need to maintain judges that will not simply interpret the law based upon emotion, but will be guided by the constitution.
  6. Restore Our Standing in the World – The world is a better place when America takes a leadership role. For eight years America has led from the rear. We failed our allies and propped up dictatorships and countries that are outright hostile to us and as a result the world is a more dangerous place. If Israel is safer and ISIS capabilities to spread terror are noticeably reduced then I will considered this a victory.
  7. Get Government Moving – I like everyone else am tired of the Washington gridlock. I am fine with President Trump reaching across the aisle and compromising as long as he sticks to his guns on the most important issues. This is how the American system is supposed to work.
  8. Draining the Swamp – I will be honest in that I am setting the bar pretty low on this one because it is Washington after all. I will be happy if we get some rules to control lobbyists and money in politics. If he manages to get term limits in place then I will be happy.
  9. Don’t Back Down – The thing I love the most about President Trump has been his ability to push back against the PC Culture Thought Police and Relativism. Most politicians will fold like an Ikea chair once the left begins virtue signaling, but when “the Don” is on an issues that he feels strongly about and is factually correct he will double and triple down to prove his point. I cannot say I am a fan of every tweet, but God how I love to watch the left meltdown over the little things.


Source: I hijacked the picture of President Trump from ABC News.

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