Imagine if you will. After a long hard fought battle one side is soundly defeated. As they retreat back to their stronghold, their troops, foot sore and weary, stretched out for miles in a column plodding across the barren landscape. The vehicles which gleamed in the sun when the campaign started are now caked in mud and dust and belch black smoke as they slowly accompany the troops. When passing fields and farmland the troops burn them to the ground and salt the earth in their wake. When passing structures and homes the troops turn them into pyres and conflagrations leaving blacken bones stretching skyward in their wake. When passing wells and rivers the troops fill them with the dead and corrupted leaving a poisoned land in their wake. The people of this land, many of them who have been sympathetic to their cause for years even if they have never been to their stronghold, are rounded up. These people who love the freedom of living in this middle land between the two sides are given one question. “Do you want to live in the stronghold?” Those that answer wrong are put to the sword and left to die and suffer in the dirt.

This a bleak and dark narrative of how a campaign of scorched earth works and begs the question is this any different than how the Democratic Party has behaved since losing the election in November? We have seen example after example of how the guns of identity politics have been used to delegitimized and dehumanize those individuals that have stayed from the dogma of the progressive left. The so-called tolerance that demands Stacey Dash and Dr. Ben Carson reside only in the Stronghold of Progressivism. The so-called open-mindedness that insists that Peter Thiel and MILO can live nowhere else, but the Bastion of Liberalism. The so-called acceptance that mandates that anyone who splinters away from their monolithic minority group return immediately to the Fortress of Leftism least they be branded a traitor.

Now the Democrats sit fuming in their stronghold amongst a sea of blacked land and lamentations of the dying. There can be no hope for those who refused the first offer as the drawbridge has been pulled up tight. Your seat at the table is taken and diversity of ideas is dead as they devise their new battle plans, which look remarkably the same as the last. Doubling down on marginalization of Middle America, intimidation of the opposition and shaming those whose attributes are out of their control, these are the stratagems of the day. No Middle America you are not as enlighten as those in the stronghold on the coasts. Your intellectual diversity must be destroyed for the sake of ideological purity. Your experiences have no relevance to the new conversation if you happen to be white.

No the new stratagem dictates that we divide and divide again; until everyone has been sorted into boxes so the Democrats can win. Structured by race, organized by gender, arranged by sexuality, systematized by class and organized by thought and only then can Democratic control begin? How did you fall so far from MLK’s lessons that I learned, that I judge people fairly “…by the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.” For the left there can be no middle ground, no sharing of ideas, no safe place for other thoughts that must be destroyed before the end. No Democrats do not yet realize that they scorched the earth in their retreat, but when they marched forth as well, such is the resulting blaze of using identity to fuel your politics.

Do not believe me that the Democrats have finally stepped over the line when it comes to playing the identity card… then watch it in their own words.

Posted by redstateronin


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