While there has been a recent push to hold our politicians accountable to the people we have let the government workers fly beneath the radar. In some cases these unelected cubicle dwelling bureaucrats can be every bit as damaging as rogue politicians when they circumvent the will of the people in order to promote their own political agenda. As an article in the Huffington Post stated, where the government worker was painted as the last line of defense, “Some have even pledged to fight his proposed policies from within the government.” Politico went a step further implying that President Trump would “…find out how much power these maligned workers have to slow or even short-circuit his agenda.” They went on to suggest further that these workers could leak information, initiate patrician probes and use the “tools of bureaucracy” to disrupt the President’s policy directions.

If ever there were a group of people who were desperately in need of a reality check, it is the Washington Bureaucrat. Imagine if you attempted to pull this cr@p in the private sector. If I willfully disobeyed directives from my CEO and ignore company policies I would be very quickly find myself looking for a new job. The American worker who by large pays for many of these coffee slurping wastes of flesh do not enjoy these protections that allow those very same government workers to not only do their jobs poorly, but do their jobs poorly on purpose. No most Americans are held accountable and are expected to not only show up, but perform to a standard. If we are going to pay the salaries of government workers then they must be held accountable for their actions when they fly in the face of the will of the American public.

We of course can point to several examples where the government worker has acted with malicious intent and disrespect to the President Trump who has not even held office for a full seven days. We have a Secret Service agent saying that she would not protect the President to the fullest of her ability, we have bureaucrats continuing Obama’s reckless policy to rush refugees into the country despite the new Presidents stance on ensuring we put in place additional safeguards and vetting, and you have an alleged compromised government Twitter account tweeting out information that is the polar opposite of the new direction of the administration. Each one of these acts was not only deliberate, but promoted the employees own political agenda instead of the polices of the incoming administration. In the real world where most of us live these types of behaviors have quick and real consequences.

If I disagree with a decision that is made by my boss it is my duty to raise any associated risks, but ultimately the decision is theirs and I am expected to carry out their directives to the best of my ability. In Washington a fantasyland has been created where it is perfectly fine for workers who have a political agenda to circumvent policy in order to serve their own needs and not those of the American people. This is part of the Obama legacy where this type of lawlessness was completely ignored. IRS agents were allowed to illegally target conservative groups and VA employees were allowed to falsify government reports to receive unearned bonuses with merely a slap on the wrist. If President wants to drain the swamp it will need to begin in the cubicles.

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