The left has pushed the myth of true equality for as long as I can remember. While I find the thought of aspiring to this goal to be noble, I know that it is unrealistic and unreachable. The human genome is too vastly complex and diverse to allow us as humans to ever achieve true equality, and a disaster for the human race it would be if we did unlock this secret. The diversity in thought and ability is what has allowed us to flourish and any homogenization of multiplicity would only lead to mediocrity.

Now I am not supporting the idea that any race has any kind of superiority over another. My argument is every individual will never been identical. We should be striving instead for equality of opportunity based upon your abilities. We should seek to unlock our individual talents and strengths and build our success on these foundations and not follow the path preordained for us by those who think they know better.We have become a poorer culture when “To thy own self be true” has been replaced with participation trophies and entitlement.

Recently the Left has been on a rampage seeking to stamp out intellectual diversity as I have discussed here on identity politics and here on my blog dealing with the double standards employed by Democrats to silence opposition. Here we have Liberal Thought police attempting to intimidate people in an effort to destroy any intellectual diversity which is the first step on their road to true equality. You must ask yourself where does this road lead? One of my favorite short stories that I feel that is relevant to this conversation is Kurt Vonnegut’s 1961 “Harrison Bergeron”. If you have not read it, read it now, I’ll wait.

It is a pretty dark future that Vonnegut paints of a dystopian society where absolute equality is the absolute virtue. About this time you must be wondering what do tying lead weights and forcing masks on people to make them uglier have to do with the current state of America? Well what are the Democratic Party and Mainstream Media when they force their ideological purity on everyone by intimidating any opposition? They are the new Handicapper Generals and instead of weights and physical distractions their tool of choice is intolerance of any and all intellectual diversity. Much like the story they will not stop until we all think the same, act the same and are all equal in our stupidity.

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