I will admit that I have been pleasantly surprised by the conservative bent that President Trump’s first week has taken so far since he took office a mere 8 days ago. I still have my reservations that his populist protectionism is going to rear its ugly head or he will go off the rails with a giant new entitlement program, but so far it has been better than I expected. I am also not a fan of executive orders so at some point he is going to have to start working through Congress and at that point we will see the real extent of the Left’s and NeverTrumper’s strength to slow President Trump down, but until then he will continue to rack up the wins.

In a mere 8 days President Trump has scored numerous victories for Conservatism.

  1. Reinstatement of “Mexico City Policy” which prohibits funding for international abortions and promotion of abortions. This is something that even those on Pro-Choice side of the fence should be able to get on board. Since when does the American citizen have an obligation to provide tax payer dollars to other countries to promote or pay for abortions? The answer is Never…
  2. An order to place a hiring freeze on the federal government. This is his first step in attempting to tame the monster that is the federal bureaucracy which has been running amok for the last 8 years as I wrote about here. Ultimately he would like to see a 20% reduction in the size of the workforce. As the government does not actually generate revenue or produce actual gains to the economy this is a good thing and helps remove one of the biggest albatrosses hanging on the neck of the American people.
  3. Began the process of withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The more I look into this agreement, the more I see what a giant bullet we dodged by not installing HRC as the next President. Despite her lip service opposition we all know she would have done a couple of Find & Replaces and deemed it completely changed before she rammed it down our throats as a good thing. Of course setting up international tribunals that can overturn our State and Federal courts is a good thing… right?
  4. Freed up the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to move forward. Not only will these provide a mix of temporary and permanent jobs, but lower energy costs as well. No one stands in the way of progress like a progressive. Every strategy that could be thrown at these two projects has been utilized, even with the Obama DOJ stating that the actual risks were minimal.
  5. Ahh the Wall. Yes it appears that the Wall promised to us by a bipartisan Congress 10 years is moving forward. This one was one of President Trump’s biggest campaign promises. While I do not expect a brick and mortar structure to extend from sea to shining sea, I expect that the additional border agents that will be added and stopping programs like “catch and release” will go a long way to beginning the process of tackling a major issue.
  6. The same day that President Trump completed the oath of office he moved very quickly to set his sights on Obama care signing an executive order to reduce the regulatory burdens of the law. Additionally, the government agencies were instructed that when there is any dispute between the citizen and the government to side with the citizen. When does the government ever do that?
  7. On Friday President Trump moved to add to one of his campaign promises by tightening border security by restricting travel from and suspending refugees from the following countries; Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. No snowflakes this does not mean he is banning Muslims. These are temporary restrictions while the new administration looks at the vetting process to determine what additional safeguards need to be put in place.
  8. He apparently broke Cher… I thought she was supposed to have traveled to another planet if Trump became President. Well it is now President Trump and I see she is still here and batty as ever. She like all leftist feels sorry for us, because we are not as enlightened as her.

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