At the end of last year I wrote that the reelection of Nancy Pelosi to a Democratic leadership position in congress was one of the biggest political fails of 2016. In a time when the Democratic Party has continued to bleed political seats across local, state and federal offices it was a perfect time to make the change. We had just come through a very divisive election where Democrats were proven to be out of touch with Middle America and had gone too far in embracing the radical ideology and identity politics of coastal elites. They had spent too much time listening to themselves, leftist Hollywood stars and a mainstream media that essentially become the propaganda arm of radical narratives that were not supported in fact. The Democrats use rhetoric filled with hyperbole to demonize their opposition and Nancy Pelosi was at the helm of the ship when it ran aground during the Presidential election. Did she immediately order that the water be bailed out to save the ship? No she instead continues to kick holes in the hull by doubling down on the same style of politics that help divide Democrats from moderate voters. She is no captain, but a Crypt Keeper who presides over policies and strategies that need to be put to rest. (I am just fortunate that the Crypt Keeper metaphor worked on multiple levels.)

No Laughs in Vaudeville – What do you do when President Trump signs an executive order pausing migration and refugees from 7 countries for concerns over security? Well you throw together a poorly planned and poorly executed protest on the steps of the Supreme Court where you get caught in the worst ventriloquism act since Vaudeville on a hot mic reminding a fellow Democratic lawmaker to play the identity politics card. Yes this actually happened. Nancy Pelosi desperately whispering under her breath to remind Congressman Andre Carson that he should, “Tell Them You’re a Muslim.”


Chicken Little is No Spring Chicken – Well you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but apparently that the axiom works for chickens as well. Current Leftists now seem to equate all opposition to Hitler and every Republican action as the start of the end of the world. In a world full of hyperbolic statements of discontent one might wonder where all the SJWs are learning this behavior. Well look no further than Chicken Little Pelosi who once again is claiming that the sky is falling when President Trump announced his pick for SCOTUS, Judge Neil Gorsuch. She went on to lament Gorsuch is bad if you “Breath Air, Drink Water, Eat Food Take Medicine” and essentially accused President Trump of solely naming him to the court to distract from the pause executive order. Maybe President Trump named him because… I don’t know… because he made a promise to the American people to appoint a constitutional conservative. No this isn’t the end of the world as you know it Leftist. Guess what, all it does is reset the court back to the same balance that existed when President Obama was in office, you know when Roe V. Wade wasn’t over turned and they confirmed marriage equality on a federal level.

At this point you are just willfully stupid – During her town hall on Tuesday night Pelosi said, “Obamacare has succeeded in every way.” No she actually said it and with a straight face and no snickering. If she is referring to the fact that this is a social justice redistribution of wealth program, then she is in fact 100% correct. If she is referring to the citizen’s rights trampling, regulatory monster that cuts choice, increases costs across the board and stomps out small business that posed as healthcare reform then she is wrong. Obamacare by most measures has been an abject failure. Any law that we had to “pass it to find out what’s in it” has got to be good right? Now she seems to be waffling between #ProtectOurCare and wanting to pass the buck to Republicans by saying if “you break it you own it.” Except in order for that to have been true it would have had to been working in the first place, you know things like choice, quality care for items that are applicable for me as an individual and non-skyrocketing deductibles where I could actually afford a trip to the doctor without having to forgo paying my mortgage.

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