Just two weeks into President Trump’s administration has left the Democrats literally in tears. We have had riots for free speech. (Not to gain free speech mind you, but riots to actually suppress people rights to speak freely.) Various meltdowns and insanity from the Democrats who seems continuously triggered by President Trump doing exactly what he said he would. Crying Democrats and a Labor Participation Rate that just went up, all in all a good week for America in my book.

Chuck Schumer Literally Cries – Yes they were only crocodile tears used as props to virtue signal the leftist mobs descending on our airports, but tears none the less. I know we tease the left about crying, but they finally really are crying now. Now mind you that good old Chuck was putting on the waterworks in protest of the Executive Order pausing immigration and refugees from 7 Muslim majority countries, but a mere year and a half ago he supported a similar policy under consideration. This is not simply the start of the world devolving into hatred and racism, but American taking much needed time to review policies to ensure the homeland is safe.


Senate Democrats Vow to Fight SCOTUS Picks – In a true showing of bipartisan cooperation Senate Democrats vowed to not support any Supreme Court nominee not named Merrick Garland. Apparently they have forgotten the lesson that Obama taught Republicans far too well; elections have consequences.

Nancy Pelosi Worse Ventriloquist Ever – When you run out of logical arguments and reason it is time to go to the Leftist backup plan, Identity Politics. As I have already discussed in detail, Identity Politics is a losing strategy in the long run, but old dogs much like Pelosi cannot or refuse to learn new tricks as she is caught reminding a member of Congress to tell everyone he is Muslim.


Lena Dunham Get What’s Yours – In a shocking move and much to the dismay of the rest of the world Lena Dunham was naked once again… This time she stripped bare bear to promote Obamacare and urged that people to “Get What’s Yours”. Of course this completely disregards the fact that most of the people signing up for Obamacare are heavily subsidized by taxpayers and what she actually meant was for them to Get Your Tax Dollars.

The Leftist Protest Peacefully Mobs Riot and Try to Intimidate Through Violence – It is pretty much looking like this will be a standard in my weekly review where I highlight where the left went Full Metal Jacket. Are we ready to begin calling these protests what they really are? They are not protests, they are collections of wannabe thugs trying to intimidate and cow all opposition. Dear Democrats these are the monsters that you created and you need to put them in check. I can guarantee if they continue to be violent they are not going to like how this ends. Recent examples of liberals peacefully protesting can be found here…


And here…


And if there is any doubt that colleges are ruining the critical thinking of our youth…

And Here where the peaceful protesters are engaging in an indigenous greeting ceremony as a way to promote open dialogue…


Sorry but you can’t wear your pussy hat at work – Apparently a newly elected Rhode Island lawmaker was fired from her waitress gig after repeatedly not doing her job and engaging customers in heated political debate. She of course was mystified that not everyone wanted a side of her liberal talking points and condensation with their pancakes. I am obviously waiting to hear news of her impending lawsuit, because now that she has gained national attention, stirred up her followers in an attempt to destroy the owner’s livelihood it is time to bring about the frivolous lawsuit. Unless your job is Politics, employees need to leave their personal views at the door. (Yes I am looking at you EPA and Department of State Cubicle Dwellers.)

Professor Trigglypuff – Yes for purely entertainment purposes I present the Educator of Trigger Warnings and the Dean of Safe Spaces, Professor Trigglypuff. Yes this seems like a reasonable and sane person who should be entrusted with the education of our youth.


Self-Righteous Celebrities Lecture Us… Again… I Know Shocker.

Last week we had to endure hearing about Nasty Woman Ashley Judd’s bloody sheets and how Madonna has spent a lot of time thinking about blowing the White … I mean blowing up the White House. This week’s installment of Celebrities are better than you includes a cartoons. I think maybe they think the people in the Midwest are childlike and immature and this would be an appealing format. Maybe if the Right put together a cartoon on why beating up people that are trying peacefully speak their minds is not fighting Fascism, but actually Fascism then maybe those children may see the difference.

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