Safe spaces are an epidemic that are destroying our youth. At this point we can no longer deny the simple truth that this concept has spread far and wide through our society using today’s college campuses and their students to carry and pass this infection of insanity. The symptoms; intellectual homogeneity, denial of facts, onset of hyperventilation when exposed to anything deemed or may be deemed offensive, bouts of depression when world views are challenged and outbursts of violent behavior and suppression of free speech in defense of these sanitized places. We have turned the institutions that should be striving to challenge young adults into places where we have to remove inanimate objects like scales from gyms because they might trigger a fat person by reminding them that they would be healthier if they lost a few pounds. In effect we have turned colleges into places where the premium is on how you feel instead of what is factual.

The world is not fluffy pillows and unicorns but full of truth. Truth is a sharp edge, but the wounds it can cause do not bleed and will not scar if you are properly prepared to hear it. It is not the purpose of college to inoculate students against the truth by locking it away amid piles of discarded scales, books and ideas in a room marked danger. It is not society’s purpose to isolate our youth from the truth by erecting walls of politically correct culture around speech with which people do not agree. When we begin pushing coloring books and therapy dogs at students because the candidate they supported lost an election we have to admit that there is a problem with the modern student. Universities have ensconced them in cells padded against intellectual diversity and sound proofed against outside voices.

At what point does trying to shield a young adult from everything get to a point where more harm than good is done? I would argue that we have already reached this point. Look at the news and on any given week we see students making outrageous claims of how they are being emotionally triggered by the most innocuous of interactions and items. White girls wearing hoop earrings, Conservative and Libertarian speakers on campus, scales being located in gyms, anyone using traditional pronouns, and pretty much any idea that does not conform to the normative world view of college campuses can be triggering events. How did we get to a point where the simple act of being a white male who is pro America and believes in fiscal conservatism and limited government would make you not only person no gratis on campus, but get you called a Nazi and fascist to boot?

Here is the truth about your vaulted safe spaces; they are a euphemism for group think. It is a way for a politically left leaning university system to control what you think, how you act and allow those that can claim victim status to shame others and engage in bigoted behaviors to those with less victim status without repercussion, all the while never having to defend these insane ideas because the simple act of questioning these ideas is in itself a violation of the safe space. They are a way for groups of young people who never had to face any adversity to continue to float through life without having to engage in actual critical thinking or self-assessment. Safe spaces can only exist in first world nations where life, when compared to the rest of the world, is pretty good. Safe spaces allow the SJW culture to invent injustices against which only they can fight in order to validate their existence and through virtue signaling prove their tolerance to their peers. Safe spaces are a fantasy land where truth goes to die. Safe spaces are the cure that is worse than the disease.

Posted by redstateronin

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