Back in December 2015 the Washington Post wrote a piece essentially calling Donald Trump un-attackable. In their article “Teflon Don (or, why it’s near-impossible to attack the GOP front-runner)” they did some great analysis on why the other GOP candidates had a lack of success in attacking Donald Trump and how his counter attacks had essentially devastated many of their primaries bids with seeming little effort on his part. Despite this article being available online for the past two years it is readily apparent that Racheal Maddow has not read it, otherwise she may have reconsidered moving forward with her recent move to release Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Hours before her show Maddow hyped that on her show that evening that she would be releasing Trump’s tax returns. Obviously since President Trump has been very combative over this issue, which have led many to speculate that either he doesn’t pay taxes, he is not as rich as he claims or there is some nefarious connection to Russia, it set the internet ablaze. However, before Maddow’s big reveal in typical Donald Trump fashion the President took the wind out of her sails by releasing said 2005 tax returns first. Despite the tax returns being available many still tuned in to Maddow’s show to watch a winding diatribe where she references some ominous links and then revealed to our astonishment… that Donald Trump is a rich man who pays a lot in taxes… wah… waah… waaah. Soon after the show thousands of people in a show of support took up the hashtag #ThankYouMaddow to tweet inspirational pictures of dumpsters on fire.


Of course before the show had even ended, the reporter that brought the tax returns to Maddow had speculated that it was possible that Donald Trump had actually leaked them himself. This of course has become a popular leftist conspiracy theory believed by many tinfoil hat wearing dwellers on the internet. While it is plausible that Donald Trump may have leaked the returns, if he did it is a Jedi level troll of the entirety of the Left who when they first saw Maddow’s tweet felt finally that they would be vindicated and the silver bullet to bring down Trump had been provided. Instead they got a heaping serving of humble pie as the tax returns showed the President Trump (25%) paid a higher effective tax rate in 2005 than Leftist heroes President Obama (19%) and Bernie Sanders (13%), that he had made a lot of money and that there were no nefarious connections to Russia. All in all, Trump came out the winner and the credibility of the mainstream media died a little bit more.

The media and Democrats love to lament, “…but Trump is a liar.” The problem with them saying this is their credibility is sh@t. When more of the American people believe that Trump is telling the truth than the media it is very hard for that same media to make accusations about lying stick, because people assume that media is lying as well. There is no need to wonder how we have arrived at where we are at, it is fairly simply… it is because of stories like this. The media and Democrats blow up a negative story about Trump to hysterical portions of hyperbole and when the truth finally comes out there is nothing there. Each and every time that they do this more Americans tune them out and Trump becomes more popular. The media’s frenetic hatred of Trump have led them to a place where the bias is so great even moderate Democrats are beginning to wonder if the coverage is fair.

No the media and Democrats failed to learn the lessons of the Republican primaries and general election that jabs and body blows will not knock Donald Trump out. His core base are true believers and the left will not be able to nickel and dime away his support as they have done with Republicans in the past. In fact it will have the opposite effect because he is like Sebastian Shaw where he is converting the energy of leftist attacks and using it against them as he did with the media. (Hell Jake Tapper’s own child is calling him fake news) So far no attack that they have launched has managed to stick, but the Left would do well to heed the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “When you strike at the king, you must kill him.” No I am not advocating that someone assassinate the President. I am saying that maybe if the left leaning outlets started doing some fair reporting and kept their bias in check, then in the event that they ever did find a smoking gun they might have some credibility left to perform their primary function which is to protect the American people.

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