When did being patriotic become a bad thing? Did I Rip Van Winkle my way into a world where the word American became synonymous with Nazi? Maybe I hit myself on the head and now realize that I have been actually living in Phillip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle and just never realized? It sure did not feel this way a mere eight years ago, but now in retrospect I can watch it unfolding in slow motion over the past decade. I served my country and while I am used to seeing some countries spew their perpetual hatred of our nation, I am just not used to seeing the old stars and stripes take such a beating from within our own borders. Regardless of what President Trump does during his time in office he has been successful in unmasking the far Left’s hatred of American and the values that have served as the bedrock of our nation for hundreds of years. We see on a daily basis that many Democrats, Media Pundits and Leftist activists actively seek to tear down our America because those corner stone values of individualism, self-reliance, liberty and freedom of expression are anathema to their current world view.

I love our country. I know some leftist in their parent’s basement that accidently reads this might become triggered, but I will be perfectly frank when I say I just don’t give a dam because this country is the single greatest nation that has ever existed and I am done apologizing for hurting their feelings. I don’t just fly old glory on Flag Day or the 4 th of July, but I fly that flag every single day because by the grace of God I am an American. I relish the fact that I live in a country where I and every other American, whether by birth or legal immigration, can work hard and provide a good life for our families regardless of where we started. Is our system perfect? Hell No. Yes many Americans have starting blocks that are further back, but the key is everyone gets to run the race, and if you run with all your heart your children get to start a bit closer to everyone else when it is their turn to race. This is the secret sauce that makes America the land of unapologetic exceptionalism.

Promoting individualism, self-reliance, liberty and freedom of expression is not incompatible with building a diverse society and I would argue that many have immigrated to our country for precisely the fact that our culture promoted these ideas. I challenge you to watch any Olympic opening ceremony and point to representatives from any other country on this planet that is more diverse than the group of Americans marching beneath the stars and stripes. Our society is not perfect, but you do not kick out the timbers on which it rests for fear of giving offense. It saddens me that Americans feel the need to hide the pride they feel in their country. It saddens me to hear when people are forced to apologize for being patriotic in our own country for fear of offending an immigrant. It should not be considered hate speech to wonder aloud that if the symbol of our nation offends someone if they should be allowed to remain and reap the benefits of our freedoms and success.

The Left loves to conflate patriotism and nationalism, but while similar they are not the same thing. You should be nationalistic in moderation and patriotic in abundance. Yes I have a problem when immigrants come to American and want to import attitudes and social systems that are the exact reasons why the country they were fleeing are failing. If Socialism, Communism, Shia Law, oppression of women, violent suppression of opposition, religious persecution and hatred of America are what you want to bring then I say no. Not one of these concepts is compatible with our American values. For years the successful formula that helped Make America Great was that we asked the immigrant to conform to America and did not expect America to conform to the immigrant. We knew that as immigrants integrated into our society that not only would we benefit, but they would come to love our American values as much as we did. The recent rise in relativism is not only doing away with the expectation that integration will occur, but in some circles has made it racist to even expect that it will happen.

When did being patriotic become a bad thing? I cannot pin point an exact date or event, but you can feel the turning in the air. You can hear it in the way that liberal pundits describe the Tea Party while they idolize ANTIFA. You can see it when the Hammer and Sickle flies unmolested at a protest and our flag is just ashes in the street. You can feel the vitriol in their voices when they discuss individualism, self-reliance, liberty and freedom of expression. My flag is flying, I am still proud, and I am an American which means I don’t back down, I don’t surrender and I don’t retreat from a fight in which I believe. I still believe in America and I won’t sit ideally by and let you rob our children of those principles that built this great country. I love this country though it is imperfect. Yes my flag will keep flying because I am an American and I will fight to keep it flying if I have to because I am a Patriot.

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