There are some weeks where I feel you can pull my palm prints off my forehead because the Left has done things so stupid it makes Conservative websites wet their pants in glee while writing the latest click bait title. At this point I firmly believe that their hatred of Trump has left them so discombobulated that they seriously can no longer think straight. Yes Trump is turning Leftists into the butt of every clickbait story and they are climbing into the pot and pulling the lid closed after them.

And who are you again?

I guess a decade of irrelevance for Little Bow Wow has really impacted him as he inserted himself into a twitter war between the President and Snoop Dog. (Yeah I never thought I would ever had typed that sentence either.) Apparently he thought it would be good if he dragged the FLOTUS into this spat by threatening to “pimp her out.” The secret service has been busy since the election what with the threats of assassination of the President up around 52,345% in the first three months of the year, but I am sure that they hadn’t expected that they would have to guard the first family against sexual slavery.


And I got nothing…

In what will likely go down as one of the biggest live fails ever, Racheal Maddow this week hyped that she had exclusively obtained a copy of President Trump’s 2005 tax returns. Of course it appears that she failed to read them before going live on air where she went on a rambling 20 minute lead in to the story painting a picture of nefarious dealings. And then the big reveal… Trump is rich, he paid his taxes and more taxes than many leftist heroes. While there was a sliver of the leftist community that praised here, the universal outrage over this bait and switch was immediately felt and predictably her ratings fell.

Got Racism?

This just in… Milk is Racist and Samantha Diaz of the California State University, Long Beach student paper the Daily49er is a freaking moron. Read the following tagline for her article and see if you disagree with my assessment of this budding crazy person. “White nationalists and neo-nazis using milk as a form of racial supremacy.” This statement is so stupid I seriously do not know where to begin. Also I have not seen legions of skinheads storming 7/11s in order to destroy gallons of chocolate milk to keep milk racially pure so maybe I am missing the connection. Besides everybody knows that Fanta was the official drink of Nazi’s. If this is the level of critical thinking that is coming out of schools nowadays, it seriously may be time to hit the reset button on America.

Chatty Maxy – The doll that just won’t shut up

I skip adding Congresswoman Maxine Waters one week and she is so desperate to get back into my week in review that she says exactly what she knows will get her back on the list… Trump Impeachment talk. Seriously at this point she has become a Chatty Cathy doll that says only one thing… “Impeach Trump.” Problem is she won’t stop pulling her own cord no matter how little evidence she finds. Can we seriously start a Go Fund me page to send her on a fact finding mission to the Nation of Limpopo?

Feel the Burn Bernie

Mr. Bernie “I want to take your stuff and give it to others” Sanders was innocently railing against how we have become a nation that worships wealth when the Twitter universe decided to take everyone least favorite crazy socialist to the woodshed for his blatant hypocrisy. I guess in his advancing age he must have forgotten that he has three homes, makes 200K a year, pays only 13% of his income in taxes all on the government dime. We all should be so lucky, but we know that socialism only works for the socialist.


Et Tu McCain…

Yeah I know John McCain claims to be a Republican so stuff it Leftist I am including him anyway. At this point when you have one Republican Senator accusing another Republican Senator of “working for Putin” in the Senate chambers one of them is teeing up a conversion to Democrat. At this point I would be willing to trade McCain for any Democrat… even Maxine Waters. At least we know she is just going to keep pulling her “Impeach Trump” string.

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