Leftist do not like when you point out their hypocrisy. Leftist really do not like when someone goes undercover and exposes their hypocrisy for the world to see. The Leftists in the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia are taking it a whole other level and are filing felony charges when someone goes undercover and exposes a Planned Parenthood employee talking callously about killing babies and selling their body parts for money. In a move that should scare the crap out of anyone living or planning on visiting this totalitarian state the California Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra just filled 15 felony charges against The Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden and associate Sandra Merrit for recording and releasing a series of undercover videos that showed the ugly underbelly of the sacred cow of California, Planned Parenthood.

As a general rule, undercover exposes like this are covered under freedom of the press and are usually excluded from prosecution cases in terms of violation of privacy rules except in the most egregious examples of abuse. Now it appears that investigative journalism that utilize undercover techniques are no longer allowed to be used in California, or at least in pieces that target Planned Parenthood. Is what The Center for Medical Progress did wrong? Under the law in California yes, except as I previously stated there are generally exceptions when the recording is being done as part of an investigation. Now CMP made these recordings when speaking with individuals who were in a public setting and were speaking officially on behalf of Planned Parenthood during their duties as paid employees of the organization. This is a far cry of the origin of the “two party consent” which was enacted to protect private citizens and their conversations. I would argue that since Planned Parenthood receives a significant portion of their funding from government sources (read tax payers) then when individuals are operating officially on behalf of the organization that this is a case where they are representing an entity in which the public has a vested interest to freely investigate should there be evidence of wrong doing.

In this case these felony charges amount to a witch hunt against Conservative investigative journalists who caught Planned Parenthood making statements that put the organization in a really bad light. (Selling dismembered body parts will do that.) Don’t think this is a politically motivated attack? Well Planned Parenthood donated to both Kamala Harris’s, who initiated the investigation, and Xavier Becerra’s, who brought the charges, political campaigns and both have been vocal supporters of the organization. Combine this with the fact that no other investigative journalists have been charged with this particular law previously and you have what amounts to a political hit job. The Left has a vested interest in not letting the American public see the bad side of abortion and the lengths that they will go to create miscarriages of justice in the name of protecting Planned Parenthood from bad press should make every American wonder what the hell they are really hiding.

In case you have forgotten what callous, uncaring baby killing sociopaths some Planned Parenthood employees can act like, here is the latest video from CMP that they dropped in response to the charges.

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