Month: April 2017

Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia: Seriously Going Down the Drain

You hear that giant sucking sound? The one that sounds like the world’s largest toilet is being flushed… Well that would be the Democrats who hold a super majority in the California state legislative branches taking the first step down the road towards single payer healthcare for the state and the financial ruin of socialism. It seems I cannot go much more than a week without the DPRK giving me a healthy dose of be glad you got out when you did news.

Debunking Stupid Tweets on the Trump Tax Cuts

It seems that the Left is jumping into crazy with both feet now the Trump tax cuts have been announced. The plan is still being tweaked so details are a bit scant still, but of course that did not stop the Left from turning up the outrage to eleven. There have been several tweets that are pretty mind numbingly stupid so far so I decided I would look at some of the dumber ones that were included in an article written by The Daily Caller and bring some sanity back to the world.

Republicans: Time to Put Up or Shut Up

Walls work… Just ask Matt Damon or any Hollywood elite who use them to protect their homes. Hell ask Obama who after purchasing his DC home… first thing put up a wall. Now I am not talking about a wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, but a wall where it makes sense and technology and increased border patrol presence where building a wall is impractical. In essence the American people are asking that we curb the tide of illegal immigration that run unchecked during the Obama years, make it more difficult for drug and human smugglers to make a living and simply enforce the laws.

Go Left Young Man – Democrats Out of Touch with Average Americans

What do you do as the Democratic Party when an ABC News / Washington Post poll finds that 67% of Americans believe you are out of touch with the people’s concerns? Why you go further to the left in your rhetoric and policies. It seems that everyone in charge of the Democratic Party believes that the way to win back the center of the American voter is to double down on the same leftist mentality that led Democrats to losing hundreds of seats across local, state and federal offices and the White House as well.

Week In Review: It Was A Rough Week for the Truth

Alternative facts, fake news, really fake news and CNN. It seems that there has been an all-out assault on the truth for the last nine years. The difference now is that it seems that there are plenty of media outlets and individuals that don’t seem to care anymore if they are caught mishandling the truth and we now live in an age where narrative is far more important than truth.

Congressman Ted Lieu Attempts to Troll President Trump: Fails Miserably

Congressman Ted Lieu fired off the following tweet to the President, “Dear @realDonaldTrump: This was the bigly crowd at my Town Hall tonight. They don’t like you. #ImWithTed” and then added a picture of the event. Of course since good old Ted is a Democrat and it is an event where they are not breaking anything, ‘bigly’ means less than 300 people with 6 empty seats.

HuffPo Declares Trickle-Down is Back! Let It Rain… Let It Rain

There can be no mistake that the Democrats will continue to disparage “trickle-down” policies, but they always have a hard time disputing the numbers. Individual outcomes will never be equal and no amount of government intervention will change this fact regardless of political system. Instead our focus should be on the equality of opportunities. While I do not think Trump is Reagan I will gladly live through the “horrors” of trickle-down again because while HuffPo and their readers may lament the fact… I say let it rain baby… let it rain.

To the Moon Acosta – The Honeymoon President Trump Never Got

A recent study by the Media Research Center found that from inauguration to April 9th the coverage on the Trump administration was 89% negative. This is quite a swing from the previous “scandal free” administration which was actually full of scandals, but the mainstream media was complicit in their lack of coverage. No the case for Liberal media bias is so convincing that even long term Democrats are beginning to notice, but at almost 90% negative coverage it would be hard to miss it.

Democrats Seek to Stack the Deck in Peach Tree State Special Election

Win, lose or draw the Left is so desperate for a victory at this point that whatever the outcome of this race they will try to paint this as a major victory and an indictment of President Trump… not so fast leftists I think you are leaving a few parts out of that narrative.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses Their Freedoms

You may have had some early success in shutting down conservative speakers at your college campus, but the tide has turned. People frankly cannot stand your smug attitudes and entitled behavior. While you may be impressing your virtue signaling Facebook friends with your mock heroics, (You know pepper spraying women giving interviews and dragging single people into your crowds where a group of you courageously stomp on them in 8 to 1 ratios.) the rest of us are getting tired of your victim status whining and all the bullshit you spout that you just learned from your left leaning professors.