Oh California; home to potholes, rampant homelessness, incredibly high taxes, nanny state policies and more free speech suppressing SJWs per capita than a Bernie Sanders rally. We used to call you the golden state because of the sunshine, now we do it as a joke because your city streets smell like urine… you know that rampant homelessness problem. I had called California home for 24 years until I moved back to the Midwest last year. Much of that time I really enjoyed living in the state despite the higher taxes, massive amounts of state bureaucracy and every time you voted there was a proposition each and every time to raise the taxes. (Sadly way too many people kept voting yes, even when those taxes would disproportionately effect the poor of the state.) I will say that the last few years that I lived in the state you could feel the roads disintegrating under your vehicle. Despite all the taxes that the state already takes in it always seemed that they were returning the voters with their hands out again… for the police… if not the police for the firefighters… if not the firefighters for the teachers… if not the teachers for the roads.

It comes as no surprise that once again Governor Moonbeam and the state’s Democratic super majority are returning to the taxpayer to once again raise the gas tax and car registration fees (Both of which are already some of the highest in the nation) in the name of “fixing” the roads. Now if I was still a resident of the state I would want to know exactly where all the previous tax payer money had gone… you know because the state should pay police, fire, and teachers and fix the roads before anything else. Those parts of the budget should always be accounted for first and foremost and then if the state wants to provide services beyond that and there is a budget shortfall go to the voters and ask for the money. I suspect that going to the voters to ask for money to pay for free tuition and healthcare for illegal aliens or bullet trains that are only marginally faster than normal trains would not garner enough yes votes even among the vast Democratic majority of the state to pass anything. No instead California will continue to play the shell game where they pitch the tax increase to pay for things that are difficult to reason no on like police, fire and children and once the money begins flowing slowly siphon it off to pet projects.

The California media does not like to report it, but companies and high tax paying individuals are fleeing the state in droves. In many cases they are replaced with government subsidized green energy companies and illegal aliens, neither one fully replacing the tax revenue that left. The media in California is too busy trying to prop up the bullet train boondoggle where billions will be invested in a train that is slower than flying, more expensive than flying and studies prove ridership will never cover the combined initial and operating costs without continued government assistance. The Democrats in the state will never fess up to the fact that they are beholden to the monster of state employee unions who dictate policy to them and are leading them down a path to a 900 billion shortfall in unfunded pension liabilities. In the end the numbers don’t add up, but if they do not turn their situation around soon, the super majority of Democrats will put them on a bullet train headed for the nearest cliff.

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  1. […] I discussed in an earlier blog, “Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia: Bullet Train to Bankruptcy” the state already had to raise both the gas tax and car registration fee in order to collect […]



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