I can’t believe I am about to say this… but I have to admit I sort of agree with Rosie O’Donnell, Paton Oswald and George Takei in defending that Colbert’s constitutional right to say that Trump was only “good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.” I don’t agree with his statement, I don’t find it remotely funny, but I will die to allow him to continue to spew his irrational hatred on a nightly basis. This is the same right that should be extended to everyone even those whose speech I vehemently disagree with like Richard Spencer or Stephen Colbert. I like Hannity would not support an organized boycott over a statement made by anyone. Now this does not mean I am going to set my DVR to recording him either… because I am not a masochist. It is a fundamental right of every American citizen to say stupid things. If I don’t like what someone is saying I change the channel, I walk away or I put my ear buds in and listen to the radio. See I have the choice to listen or not listen and as long as they are not inciting violence against me or my loved ones I will never seek to stifle someone’s speech.

Now while I agree with the three stooges that this is a constitutional free speech issue, it is not a ringing endorsement of their conclusions that they are drawing about the situation. The first premise being that the #FireColbert hashtag is being driven by the right. Yes there are some on the right calling for his termination, but the vast majority of those calls are coming from… yes you guessed it the intolerant Left. The vast majority of the right have either not cared or are laughing hysterically as they watch the Democratic Left go full human centipede on one of their own over what they are calling homophobic remarks. I am watching the machinery of suppression of free speech that has been aimed at the Right for the last couple years get pointed into their own ranks to devour one of the Left’s most vocal critics of President Trump. The sad irony is that many on the Left still do not realize how dangerous the radicalized speech police of the politically correct culture are to our basic human liberties even as they watch it in action without the emotional buffer that it is occurring to a Conservative to balance out the situation.

The second premise that I take issue with from Dumb, Dumber and Stupid is they are passing this off as if this would be the way that they would react had anyone made this statement about Dear Leader Barrack Obama. I can virtually guarantee based on past behavior that had Dennis Miller made this exact same joke about President Obama that collectively these three would have pushed the #FireDennis hashtag to trending levels unheard of since the beginning of time. In addition, they would have said that the comment was not only homophobic, but racist to boot. Yes I have no doubt that these three would have been outraged by the comment; it just so happens this time it was a liberal who made the comment so of course the narrative is all about free speech. I am annoyed when people take positions that you know if circumstance were altered slightly they would never take. If you are going to be a douchebag Leftist then the least we can expect from you is some consistency in your douchebaggery.



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  1. […] that many found to be homophobic, but Hannity defended his right to say it as I wrote about in “The Liberal Human Centipede Strikes Again.” Hannity could have used his platform of millions of followers to call for boycotts against […]



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