Republicans managed to get their version of healthcare reform through the house and the collective Left has lost their sh$t. I would say I am surprised, but it seems the Democratic insanity and hyperbolic characterizations of those with a Conservative bent just never ends. Being a liberal nowadays is simply to exhausting to even contemplate.

Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia Have Lost Their Minds

I think the consumption of granola makes you insane… Need proof look towards the hippies living in California where just this week they have one city who voted to use tax payer dollars to fight the deportation of illegal aliens in Sacramento, you have the nut jobs of the LA City Council passing a virtue signally vote to impeach President Trump and now Governor Moonbeam is looking to tax space travel. California is very quickly sliding off the cliff into their Leftist lunacy as even illegal alien students at Berkeley think that they should celebrate Cinco De Mayo by beating up white people and there is zero outrage from anyone in the state. Good luck California in your succession movement, I hope you are successful before you drag the entire country down with you.

No Media Bias at All… They Just Want to See All Conservatives Die

Kurt Eichenwald a Newsweek writer was a bit more than upset when in a twitter storm captured by the Daily Caller he tweeted several times about hoping that members of the GOP would have family members become debilitated by disease, lose their healthcare and then die. He was apparently upset that Republicans had moved their healthcare bill forward and gotten it passed the house. Apparently he was a fan of 30% year over year increases to premiums, deductibles so high people have insurance, but cannot afford to use it and disappearing choice in the marketplace. Don’t worry Eichenwald there are plenty of GOP Senators that are susceptible to media pressure that will completely cave to your hyperbolic arguments and will simply screw Americans in the end. John McCain.

It’s Racist to Want to Chart Your Own Path in Healthcare

It has been awhile since the ladies of the view have reared their ugly heads, but one should have known that repealing healthcare would guarantee another siting of the Leftness Monster. In typical View fashion Wanda Sykes dropped in on the other crackling hens to break off this intellectual nugget… repealing Obamacare is racist. No not because they believe that is will deprive minorities of healthcare, but simply because it was passed by a black man and they are trying to remove all evidence that he had been in office. Well she is sort of right… They are trying to undo everything Obama did in office not because he was black, but because he was a horrible president who made America worse across the board.

You Can Continue to be an Annoying Leftist After You Die

How the enterprising socialists thrive during times of trouble. A new website wants to send your ashes to your GOP representative if you happen to die after the repeal of Obamacare. I am sure that every person that dies after the bill finally passes will be blamed on Republicans, but I have to hand it to the Leftists in that they found a way to be annoying long after they have ceased being annoying in this life.

The Creature That Just Would Die

Much like a zombie or a vampire or a swamp creature, Hillary Clinton has arisen again. In addition to claiming that she is joining the resistance (should read denial) against Trump she will be back on the hunt to collect money in the form of a superpac to fund these efforts. Later one of her former spokespeople complained on MSNBC, “I don’t know how the hell you can claim that Hillary Clinton is unpopular.” Of course many of us are not surprised by these turn of events and hope that since she has decided to pop back up and stir the pot that the Don reverses his decision to just let her be and revisits tossing her in jail.


The Insanity Never Stops

So model Christy Teigen is now moving into territory I normally reserve for Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Sarah Silverman in my list of craziest woman inhabiting planet earth. It is not helping her case when she is now blaming President Trump for her crippling anxiety. I know a lot of things could be blamed on the POTUS, but you being bat shit crazy is not one of them.

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