Yesterday I blogged about rampant hypocrisy of the mainstream media which included a warning for DC Republicans. Today is a more important message… it is a warning for every patriotic American. We are at war. I have disputed several conspiracy theories on my blog, but the Deep State is real. Every day we have leak after leak and they only have one purpose… destroy the Trump presidency. The leaks are selective and being carried out in a fashion to embarrass the President and derail his effectiveness in moving forward with the agenda for which millions of Americans voted. They can stop at nothing short of destroying the President to render him useless because if he carries forward his agenda and is successful it destroys every narrative that the Left uses to gain and keep control.

If you believe that the insanity of the Left stops with the impeachment of President Trump then you have not been paying attention. What we are seeing now from Democrats, Mainstream media, Leftist elements of the Deep State and abetted by certain elements of the Republican Party is a Beta Test of how to destroy the Presidency of anyone who threatens the peaking order within the DC establishment. This is the revenge that was promised for millions of Americans not being enlighten enough to slip the yokes of control over our necks and accept the rule of our betters. If President Trump is impeached, then the calls for the impeachment of Pence will begin before President Trump is on the plane to leave DC. The Democrats will have a verified strategy for delegitimizing a President and voiding the will of the American people. It doesn’t matter that the strategy includes lying hysteria, jeopardizing America or risking the economy and lives of millions of Americans. Democrats truly believe that they know better how your life should be lived than you do and they will break every law and destroy every virtue to gain that control over you.

We are seeing the culmination of a seven-month long campaign of disinformation and fake news and the Democrats now see the endgame with the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. Even now before the appointed investigator has completed one day of investigation we are already hearing more cries of impeachment. So convinced are the Democrats that they believe as long as they keep screaming “Impeachment” and their friends in the Mainstream Media keep reporting their cries without every challenging them to produce evidence for their acquisitions that they will have their impeachment. This strategy that they are using is nothing new… it just has not been used on this scale as I have previously wrote about in “Mainstreaming the Rules for Radicals – 13 Ways the Left is Attempting to Destroy Trump.”

Make no mistake that WE ARE AT WAR. I cannot say it any simpler than that. If we lose here this will be the new strategy that the Left will use anytime someone with an R after their name gains the White House. It will be an unending hysteria from start to finish each and every time because we let them win. We need to stand up and say enough. Let the investigation continue, but we need to start calling out our Representatives if they continue to stand by and allow baseless accusations to be continually lobbed without challenging them. If they continue to stand on the side lines while the Mainstream Media continues to get caught printing fake story and fake story and say nothing then they have become part of the problem and not the solution. The Russian collusion investigation has been going on for closing in on a year and at this point we have not a single shred of evidence that proves any wrong doing on the part of President Trump. If our elected Republicans will not fight then that burden falls on us. Stand up… Be heard… Let the Left know we have had enough. You may have thought the fight was over when we won the election, but it is time to pick back up where we left off and march back into battle.

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