Learn to deal with it. This is the lesson that the Left is trying to teach us on how to deal with violent extremists who enter a public place and blow themselves up and kill children. Just learn to deal with it, accept it and carry on like nothing happened because if you don’t the terrorist win. Don’t call on Muslims to disavow this horrible behavior… no just deal with it. Don’t do an in-depth review of vetting people entering your country… no just deal with it. Don’t question how authorities are handling those that have raised suspicions and found themselves the subject of government investigations… no just deal with it. The 22 people that lost love ones the Left has a balm for your pain… Just deal with it. To the dozens of people that horrible scared and traumatized… The Left says just dealing with it will make it all better. Leftists… you can go fork yourselves.

We should never accept this as normal as one British news reported suggested. When you accept this as your new normal then you have allowed the terrorists to win. Terrorist attacks should never become “part and parcel of living in a big city” as the Mayor of London has suggested. Terrorist attacks are evil. When you allow evil to thrive or turn a blind eye to the evil then you are a conspirator to the evil. The fact that the Left is trying to convince you that this is the proper course proves that they have surrendered to evil in the name of tolerance. By suggesting that we move forward seeking anything short of annihilation or complete capitulation of terrorists proves how incredibly out of touch with reality the Left has become.

You may try to convince yourself that we are not at war with the most radical elements of Islam, but you are a fool because they are engaging in a committed war against you, your culture and your future. You turn a blind eye and they will annihilate you from the face of the planet. They will not stop to make accommodations and integrate you into their society if they take over your country… you will not be allowed to just live and let live… no you will be given two choices should that day come… convert to Islam or die. When that day comes no hashtag is going to save you. When the future of your family and your home is threatened “You Don’t Bring Unconditional Love to a Gunfight”, you bring a predator drone or the MOAB. You certainly do not engage in a policy of removing borders and barriers as Katy Perry might suggest, you strengthen borders and build more barriers.


Posted by redstateronin

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