Leftist snot monsters in their endless campaign against free speech are at it again and it appears that their latest target is none other than Sean Hannity. Seeking to claim another conservative scalp for their trophy case in their “Hall of Fascist Victories” Leftist groups have begun targeting Sean Hannity’s advertisers in a bid to pressure them to pull their marketing dollars away from his shows in the hopes that Fox news will cancel his program. His crime… he is conservative and supportive of President Trump. Many have theorized that this latest push to silence him by the Left is in direct result to Hannity’s recent forays into reporting on the Seth Rich murder. Regardless of their reason why it is important that every American now stand up for individual liberty and say to the Left that we will not bow to your fascist tactics any longer.

The irony here being that Hannity has been a longtime advocate of allowing the Left to spew out the most hateful nonsense. He might call them on their hypocrisy, disagree vehemently, make fun of them for their stupidity, but he would never use his platform to call for a boycott of someone who said something with which he disagrees. Recently Colbert made comments about President Trump that many found to be homophobic, but Hannity defended his right to say it as I wrote about in “The Liberal Human Centipede Strikes Again.” Hannity could have used his platform of millions of followers to call for boycotts against Colbert and his advertisers and probably could have done a lot of damage to his ratings and advertiser support…. but he did not. He did what every American should do and that is to stand up for free speech.

What might be even more troubling is that there are reports that this latest campaign against Hannity might be using technology to make it appear as if there is a tidal wave of anti-Hannity sentiment on the internet even though it does not exist. As The Gateway Pundit reports, “According to a tweet by @Boca Vista on Twitter, the DNC are now even using bots pushing a CNN story to attack Sean Hannity about the Seth Rich Story. The bots in this story are system generated tweets that are created to make it look like a number of individuals are sending tweets but in reality only one person or entity is sending many tweets.” If this is in fact going on, then us normal Americans are in deep trouble. If a TV personality whose audience includes millions of people can be silenced by a small vocal minority using technology to flood social media sites and email of advertisers by creating hundreds and thousands of fictional personas then what chance would we have when the Left decides that they do not like what we are saying.

It is time for a good old fashioned boycott. Regardless of where you stand on the Seth Rich murder we can all agree that something is not quite right, but Sean Hannity is entitled to his opinion. One could make a convincing case that the sheer amount of disinterest of the mainstream media and the Leftist outrage every time it is brought up in public makes those items appear that much more suspicious. Wherever you land it is important that every American realize that it is not just Sean Hannity who is under attack here, but our rights to Free Speech as well. The Left is on a no holds barred campaign to silence conservative opinions. Anything with which they disagree must be silenced. They no longer feel the need to debate us on the merits of our ideas when it is so much simpler to engage in character assassination and fascist tactics to silence you. This is how you deal with people when you no longer have a credible argument. Give Sean Hannity a shout out on twitter and let him know you support him. Listen to his radio show or watch him on Fox. Drop an email to a couple of his sponsors letting them know that he has your support. Most importantly stand up for your right to speak your mind even if you disagree with him. Let’s show the Left that we are unafraid to engage in the exchange of ideas and show them that more ideas and dialogue is better than groupthink.

Posted by redstateronin

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