It continues to stun me that we have a stream of Leftist who all like to speak out on how walls don’t work or how we should not use them and then return to their mansions… which are conveniently protected by said useless walls. If the media was somewhat competent they would point out this hypocrisy at the time it was said and force them to answer why they are privileged enough to sleep peacefully behind a wall to keep themselves safe, but that luxury should not be extended to the citizens of America. Walls and barriers work… the proof… we have been using them for thousands of years to do exactly what they were designed to do which is to control access. I just went through the process of having a new fence installed for my yard and it is a big beautiful fence, with two big beautiful gates and some doggie windows so our dogs and still look out into the world. I would not have gone through the expense and hassle of this process except it will do exactly what I want it to do which is to control access to the yard… keep the dogs in and the undesirables out. Walls are not infallible, but they are the first line of defense… my second line happens to be a pack of dogs, one of which is large enough for small children to ride and my third… well let’s just say you really want to stop at the first.

Here is Katy Perry talking about her solution to battling terrorism… removing all the barriers and borders and just loving each other. I actually call this making it easier for bad people to kill you, but hey I am not a pop star so I am sure her plan is better than mine.

And of course her mansion… behind a wall and gate which is a barrier and considered a border. Katy, how about you rip this thing down first before you start lecturing the rest of us.


Here is former President Obama (who just happened to be in Europe at the same time as President Trump) telling everyone not to hide behind walls.

Of course he would say this as they just have not finished the one for him to hide behind yet.


People wake up. This is exactly what the Left wants from you. Do as they say, not as they do and make yourself and easy target. Don’t worry… they will hashtag and pray for you when a terrorist blows you up or an illegal alien kills you… so there is that.

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