I have never been more in favor of implementing a requirement that a person must pass a basic test in government and civics to vote, then this very moment. It is scary as hell to consider the tide of millennial lemming voters that exists that not only cancel out your vote, but openly vote for people and systems of government that they don’t understand. Oftentimes they can barely articulate the difference between the various kinds of government and rely heavily on a few talking points with which they have been indoctrinated by their gender studies professors. I cannot go a week without bumping into some hipster doofus poetizing about the glories of socialism on the internet. Of course, when you point out that the iPhone, Twitter and Internet that they are using to try to spread the gospels of socialism are all the byproducts of capitalism it usually triggers an ad hominem attack for challenging their world view with simple logic. Now as we see the numbers of millennials creep north of 50% that do not support capitalism, I only hope that that Generation Z is as Conservative as predicted and us middle age free thinkers hang on long enough to allow them to reach voting age.

I tire of their ridiculous arguments.

“It’s not socialism… it is democratic socialism.” You end up in the bread line regardless of what you call it.

“Venezuela is not really socialism… we would implement it better.” You seriously think that the masked ANTIFA guy playing at revolutionary in the street is somehow going to crack the code on socialism? That guy hasn’t figured out how to get out of his parent’s basement much less how to implement a system of government that has never worked.

“It just equalizes the wealth” Well score one for the morons as they are correct with this one. Socialism does make most people equal… equally poor and miserable.

This collection of intellectually stunted individuals is allowed to vote. I would be willing to bet that they to a person went all in on Bernie Sanders and by their own words cannot even explain in detail the core principle by which he views the world. These people belong to the same group who will attend Anti-Trump rallies protesting Russian collusion while waving the Hammer and Sickle of the Soviets and never once see the irony of their actions. Entitled brats who do not realize that the free stuff they are voting for today to make their lives easier in the present, will ultimately become a tax albatross around their necks in their later life and will ultimately end up costing them more than if they had simply paid for it themselves. I think the argument in favor of a voter registration test grows stronger by the day, I mean it is only fair that if you are going to vote yourself some free stuff then you better dam well know that someone else is paying for it.

Additional Note: Before you idiots start in trying to lecture me between the differences between socialism and communism. For my point they are interchangeable and I liked the picture of Stalin better than Marx.

Posted by redstateronin

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