If only some wise political sage could have spoken to the Democratic Party at the beginning of the year and let them know that by the time the year was halfway through that they would have one of their worst months in terms of political donations. If only someone had been smart enough to predict that their current strategies, vitriol, obstructionism and hateful nonsense was not a path back to power. If only someone with foresight and common sense had been able to interpret what the American people were saying to Democrats… oh wait I did all that. In numerous blogs I have detailed of the consequences of their behavior and how it would negatively impact them politically and more importantly the American people.

They tried to turn the failed Clinton campaign strategy into a strategy by which to govern – Last I checked I believe Hillary Clinton was up to 37 different excuses on why she lost the election. Strangely enough neither Hillary Clinton or lack of a campaign message were among those reasons offered. Hillary Clinton could not offer a message other than to attack Trump and his supporters. She painted both as sexists, racists, xenophobic, bigots, homophobic people who were unredeemable in her eyes. The Democrats have not changed this message at all since the election. The Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have been in attack mode since the election… so much so that many Conservatives find themselves supporting President Trump even when they disagree with them because they now have a bunker mentality because the attacks have become so vicious it is now all about survival.

They are still ignoring the middle of the country – See Leftists most Americans live in this magical place that exists either between New York and Chicago or Chicago and Los Angeles. You may have heard of this place it is called Middle America. Psst it is the place that provides the majority of your food and soldiers. You can keep writing off the middle of America as the land of racists, xenophobic, gun toting Nazis, but I can guarantee that unless you step out of your elitist bubbles and begin understanding what is important to us in the middle you will never win another Presidential Election. It does not matter how many people you pack into your Democratic Strongholds of New York and California or how many popular votes you win. See our founders put in place a check against the tyranny of the majority called the Electoral College.

The Democrats are closely tied with the mainstream media… whose credibility is in the toilet – In years past Conservatives have always said that there was a decided leftward tilt in media coverage. The mask is gone and many of these media outlets have become shameless propaganda arms of the Democratic Party. The bias is no longer debatable; many were caught colluding with the Clinton campaign, 90% plus donated to the Democrats, 90% plus voted for Hillary, 90% plus of the coverage is negative towards President Trump. The problem for Democrats is people are not seeing much of a difference between them and CNN so when CNN attempts to blackmail a citizen over a joke meme that they posted to the internet… that stinks sticks to the Democrats as well.

The Democrats silence has been an endorsement of violence – You can find hours of videos of ANTIFA violently attacking Conservatives and attempting to suppress free speech across our country and you hear nothing, but silence from the Democrats. This silence is deafening to the American citizens that see their ambivalence as a license to freely “punch a Nazi” without consequences. It has become so bad at this point that a “Bernie Bro” has to kill someone or shoot up a ballfield before Democrats will even give a halfhearted condemnation. The double standard is sickening as Richard Spencer or David Duke could tweet that they “like air” and the media would rush to President Trump and demand that he denounces them because he breaths air.

Playing to the radical elements of the Leftwing – The only message that Democrats seem to have is “Impeach Trump.” The facts that there has not been a crime, they have no evidence and they are not really able to articulate actual reasons for why this impeachment needs to move forward is beside the point. Maxine Waters at one point said they needed to start the impeachment and they would find the evidence along the way. This delegitimizing of the election results only plays to the coastal elitist bubbles and the more radical elements of the party. Guess what, those masked thugs you are riling up to march in the streets they live in their parents basements and have no money to give you. Who is to blame when Democrats only toss red meat to lazy hipster trolls and ignore the more moderate members of their party… The Russians?

Leadership is the same – Maybe you have heard the adage that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result.” Look at the current face of the Democratic Party – Former President Obama, The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters; these are the same people who presided over the collapse of the Democratic Party, losing them thousands of seats across local, state and federal offices… lucky for us Conservatives they are still in charge.

President Trump is actually doing well for the economy – After the apocalyptic pre-election analysis of the potential economic horrors of a Trump Presidency by many political pundits; it was a “shock” to the world that we all woke up after election day and it was still spinning… so this one must sting a bit for those on the Left. Since President Trump has taken office consumer confidence up. Manufacturing confidence highest in decades. Stock market at record highs. Jobs across all sectors are up. (Even in manufacturing where we were assured by former President Obama that they were not coming back.) Illegal immigration is down. Energy production is up and summer gas is the cheapest that I can remember in a long time. By many economic measures President Trump is doing well and it is killing the Left because it leaves them with only one thing to attack the President on… Russia collusion theory craft. I believe I remember reading that the stock market has generated 4 trillion in new wealth since Trump’s election. Think about that… 4 trillion dollars and it was done despite the kicking and screaming of the Democratic Party. This means that the 401Ks of families across the nation are up and in some cases more than 16% since the election. Who in their right mind is going to going to give money to the Democrats who have the stated purpose of destroying Trump? People are smart enough to realize that any money given to Democrats is just going to be the monkey wrench tossed into the works that brings this economic recovery to a halt. The Democrats do not have a viable alternative message and “But Russia, Russia, Russia…” is not sound economic policy. People accuse Republicans of voting against their own self interests…

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