Today President Trump has officially been in office for 6 months. I figured I needed a laugh so I decided to mosey on over to CNN to see how the Fake Journalists at our favorite whipping network of ridicule would mark this occasion. Imagine my shock when I saw the article titled, “President Trump’s first six months: by the numbers” as one of the leading stories. Finally, I thought CNN is going to do some actual journalism and review the statistics of President Trump’s time in office and look at the economic growth, increasing job numbers, record highs in the stock market, increasing consumer, manufacturing and business confidence levels, massive reductions in illegal immigration and essentially taking an industrial sized weedwhacker to government red tape and regulations.

Well, score one for the hacks at CNN because they got me with this clickbait title and I found out that I was just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong. It was nothing more than another hit piece written by bitter little leftists who still 9 months later have not reconciled the fact that Donald J. Trump is your President. Let’s compare the relevant numbers compiled by The Gateway Pundit to mark this occasion to the “numbers” that are apparently important to the Leftist propagandists at CNN.

TGP reports on Trump’s Bull Market and CNN covers President Trump’s poll numbers.

Does the stock market being up 4 TRILLION dollars in 6 months seem like a big deal to anyone else? I guess for the Leftists at CNN everyone’s 401K being increased by 10% – 16% in such a short period must not fall in the category of “news”. Instead we find CNN again obsessing over the latest poll numbers in an obvious dig at the President. If only I had a recent example where the polls showed President Trump as wildly unpopular and only had a 2% chance of being President… oh wait that happened in November. Go on CNN and keep relying on those poll numbers to help you sleep at night… I am going to enjoy watching your dreams get crushed again in 2020.

TGP reports on the US Debt while CNN is focused on the number of press conferences and campaign rallies.

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been especially whiny lately because the White House has moved many of the press briefings to be no camera affairs. (You know where reporters are forced to do their jobs and ask questions instead of trying to upstage the Press Secretary for YouTube clips.) They are upset that President Trump has found a way to take his message directly to the people… after all the President is busy with MAGA and body slamming the Fake News Industrial Complex into irrelevancy. Meanwhile in the real world finding out the US Debt is down 100 Billion means that our tax dollars are being spent more judiciously.

TGP reports on Jobs while CNN focuses on number of bills signed into law.

Now I know what you are thinking, did CNN actually do some journalism here? Nope, they give him credit for signing 42 bills into law, but then go out of their way to point out that he has “0 pieces of major legislation.” Even when they do report the facts they do it in their seemingly condensing way in a further attempt to criticize the President. I still think knowing that the first 6 months under President Trump has seen the economy add more than 1 million jobs as more important, especially when you compare it to the same period under Obama who… lost 3.8 million.

TGP reports on unemployment while CNN reports on number of international agreements in which the US has pulled out.

Now I could make a sex joke about pulling out of Paris, but I am a classy guy. I wrote about why this was the right move for America, but the Leftist at CNN thought it was more important that they virtue signal than I feed my family. While leaving the Paris Climate Accord will ultimately save future American jobs, President Trump has already done a good job at driving the unemployment rate down even further to 4.4%.

TGP reports on inflation and the hard-hitting journalists at CNN bring us… the amount of time President Trump and President Macron shook hands.

No seriously they did put this in their article. I should not have to explain that knowing inflation is at an eight-month low is far more important than an in-depth analysis of Presidential handshakes.

TGP reports on housing sales and CNN is focused on number of tweets.

CNN needs to keep away from Twitter… I mean after the whole Trump body slamming them joke meme that got them so spun up that they blackmailed a private citizen. Here is some Tweet analysis. If President Trump spent an average of a minute per tweet for 991 tweets that 16.5 hours. He has been in office roughly 4,380 hours. His total percentage of time tweeting is .003%. Final analysis, it only took .003 percent of his time to destroy CNN in the culture war and plenty of Americans would find that a good investment of a President’s time. Despite all this, I would still rather know that the average home is only on the market for 45 days.

TGP reports on decreases to regulations while CNN is focused on how he is spending his time off.

If the President is focused on cleaning up the regulatory mess that kills jobs and stifles innovation Monday – Friday, then he is free to do whatever he wants with his weekend.

TGP reports about US Manufacturing Index while CNN digs up the number of states visited since taking office.

I can only imagine being in the CNN brainstorming session where they were looking for a couple of filler items for this article, “We need something that won’t make him look good, but is benign enough that we can claim that it is real news…” Seriously, I could not think of a factoid that matters less than comparing the number of states Trump has visited to the numbers of Bush and Obama. In real news the Manufacturing Index is at a 33 year high.

TGP reports on illegal immigration reduction and CNN taking a shot at the President over the wall.

It is correct that no portion of the wall has been built and Mexico has not paid for it yet. However, just think of what that illegal immigration number is going to look like once the wall is built if it is already down 70% without it. See CNN I can take indirect shots at you as well.

TGP reports on the increase in our NATO allies spending while CNN is beating the dead Russian Conspiracy horse and detailing the firing of Comey and start of the special prosecutor.

Your own staff call the Russian Collusion story “bullshit” and Comey admitted under oath that there was zero obstruction. Yes go ahead and keep pushing this Russia story CNN… it has done fabulous things for your ratings so far. Knowing that President Trump kept another campaign promise and our NATO allies will be spending their fair share in the defense of their countries means that we can spend more of OUR tax dollars at home helping Americans.

CNN pretty much ran of quips at this point… and probably would have had to started reporting real news if they went much further. Meanwhile TGP pundit ran up the score of Trump victories to include; 150 executive orders, Travel Pause, making headway against ISIS, getting out of TPP (notably missing from CNN’s own section on leaving agreements) and the key speeches he has made around the globe showing America was back. I ask you CNN… which set of numbers do you think are important to the average American? The tripe that you rolled out in a laughable effort to attack President Trump, or the actual numbers that impact our lives every day that show President Trump is killing it, but CNN would never dare publish because it would show that they have been operating in their Trump hysteria bubble and are out of touch with the rest of us?

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