Many of you may remember Evelyn Farkas the former Obama Assistance Secretary of Defense who essentially said that she and other Obama officials had been involved in an effort to collect and disseminate as much intelligence about the incoming Trump administration before leaving office. The one that first gave her account of the Obama administration’s potentially illegal actions and then when the story went viral changed her tune as I wrote out in “Farkas Gave Two Interviews – In one of Them She is Lying”. Well she is back in the news again and not because she is under investigation or being called to testify before a congressional committee like she should be… but for encouraging the deep state to leak more information even at the risk to national security.

I seriously cannot believe that I wrote that sentence because it is true. We have a former administration official encouraging Americans to commit illegals acts and jeopardize national security and the safety of our intelligence sources around the world to hurt President Trump and bring back to life a Russian conspiracy story that despite a year of investigation has yielded one 20-minute meeting between a Russian lawyer, with more ties to the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump Jr. where they ended up discussing… Russian adoptions.

Farkas’s questionable comments come from a panel entitled “Active Measures: The Kremlin Plan to Beat the West without Firing a Shot”. It is a tough slog to make it through most of this so if you just want to jump to the area in question it is at around the 50-minute mark.

Now the Left is going to immediately say that the comment was taken out of context so I will provide you the quote below.

And I know that we have to preserve our sources and methods, but at some point you know, sometimes maybe you have to actually compromise some kind of source or method if it comes down to saving American democracy.

Let me translate exactly what she is saying. American democracy is under threat because the people legitimately elected Donald Trump to the President, but I disagree with that decision so to get our way the Left needs to compromise national security, let the world know how we collect our information and burn a few intelligence sources. To save Democracy we must you know… undermine it. It boggles my mind that the Left does not understand that it is exactly because of crap like this that Trump’s base is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

I must be a masochist because I watched the entire thing. It is tough to watch 10 minutes of a CNN or MSNBC panel and this is a panel that includes representation of contributors from both networks. There are some interesting tidbits and takeaways which I will call out below.

The panel begins with the statement, “We know now beyond a doubt that Russia successfully intervened in our election”. Well this is news to me as successfully intervened means that they changed the outcome of the election. To this day I have seen zero evidence that a single vote that was cast was changed through hacking, that Russia infiltrated the Clinton campaign and forced her to not campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and all but ignore Pennsylvania or that Russian operatives managed to clone American citizens and force those clones to vote for Trump.

They spend a lot of time discussing dangers of Russia. Seems to me that a mere four years ago Rommey was called chicken little for having the exact same view.

They deride President Trump for expressing a desire to have a more peaceful relationship with Russia… trouble is that I do not recall any one of them expressing this same concern when Hillary Clinton strolled across a stage carrying a plastic button to symbolize… a desire to have a more peaceful relationship with Russia.

Most concerning is they seem to be laboring under the delusion that everything President Trump has done since he has been in office has been to the Russians benefit and that they are happy with their choice. The last I checked the Trump administration has bombed Russia’s allies, gotten NATO to begin contributing more to their own defense and has pushed energy policies that have curb stomped the price of energy into the ground. If you think the Russians love us more when we begin exporting energy and driving the prices down… then you are as crazy as Farkas.

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