Were you aware of the fact that for a man to serve in the military he must have at least one testicle. Oddly enough they even require that if you only have one testicle that you must be able to inform the MEPS station during your medical screening what exactly happened to your missing testicle. Being a Eunuch is a condition that prevents one from serving in the military… or did it. Well if you were born a biological male and identified as a male it was a condition that barred you from service, but if you were born a biological male and identified as a woman it was acceptable for about a year. I say about a year because it was former President Obama who lifted the ban against transgendered troops which like many things that he did has now been reversed by President Trump.

President Trump reinstated the ban on transgendered people from serving in the military in a series of tweets where he explained that his decision was based on cost and ensuring that the military remained at the highest efficiency to perform their duties. (Politicians, this is called doing a cost benefit analysis.) Predictably the collective Left lost their sh$t. Every SJW celebrity rolled out of bed at the crack of 9:30 and immediately took to Twitter to demonize the President for this decision. Most other Americans saw this news much earlier, shrugged their shoulders, thought to themselves “makes sense” and then went on about their days.

The military is a place for warriors… not social justice warriors. The military goes to war… not virtue signal about the cause de jour of the Left. Even when we are at peace, being in the military is about handling stress. Add to this stress the burden of struggling with questions of your identity and you are creating a situation that is rife with potential to cause harm to not only the transgendered individual, but their fellow servicemen and servicewomen. Every person serving in the military desires clarity. This is because they are trained to receive and then immediately follow orders. When orders are not clear people die. When former President Obama ordered that transgendered people be allowed to serve in the military he added unnecessary complexity to an already difficult situation. He allowed a section of the population to serve that many within the medical community still consider to be suffering from a mental disorder.

While I am sure many joined the military to serve their country, I am also sure that some did it primarily to have the taxpayer foot the bill for their sexual reassignment surgery. When you consider the ongoing hormone treatments, costs of surgery, therapy required and the disruption within the ranks, the military can afford neither the costs nor the confusion when entrusted with so vital a mission as protecting our country. The military does not exist so we can conduct social experiments to make us all feel more enlighten, it exists to kill bad guys and defend the weak. Anything that disrupts that mission should not be allowed. While today I have seen a lot of selective outrage about this decision, I feel compelled to remind you that while I saw many #TransTroops protest signs I did not see a single one that was outraged that Eunuchs are not allowed to serve either.

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