A couple of days ago a significant event took place. As I try and do with every major story (Never want to find myself living in a bubble) I navigated to major mainstream media sites to see how these outlets would handle the story. Since then I have been keeping an eye on these outlets because I figured sooner or later they would write a story and I could do a scathing rebuttal. The odd thing is as of this time that I am writing this on my lunch break, I have only seen it reported in one of these outlets… CNN has their usual pixelated wall of Trump/Conservative hate, but nothing on this story, MSNBC nothing, The New York Times nothing and The Washington Post where real news “dies in darkness” actually did a bit of journalism and published their first article on this topic today.

What possible reason could these four major outlets have for all not reporting what I believe to be a significant story? Am I wrong to expect that when someone who works for a Congressperson is seized by the FBI at an airport trying to flee the country after wiring out close to $300K that this is in fact newsworthy? This is an odd story that gets stranger still once you begin digging and realize that this story has been going on for months and received virtually zero mainstream media coverage. This should be very concerning to all Americans. Fake News comes in many flavors, but simply refusing to cover stories because they do not square with your narrative is arguably every bit as bad as these media outlets straight up misrepresent the facts in what they do report.

I must give credit where it is due as The Daily Caller has been the one media outlet to consistently report on this story and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s bizarre behavior as it relates to this case. When I say strange behavior, I am not using that word hyperbolically, I mean as each layer of the story gets peeled back it becomes another “WTH” moment in a “WTF” story. Let’s recap some of the odd parts of this story that the media refuses to report…

Despite reports Imran Awan and his family (two brothers and wife) were employed by multiple House Democrats as IT Administrators they were rarely seen by other staffers and were each making six figure salaries. (Collectively earning 5 million dollars over the years) One of the brothers Abid even had time to run the day to day operations of a car dealership that they owned, while being employed full time on capitol hill.

It was not just a family business as Imran Awan also got his best friend a job as an IT Administer. The last job he held before getting to work on Capitol Hill IT networks making a grip load of cash? Fired McDonalds employee.

They took $100K loan from an Iraqi citizen who fled the country.

Their stepmom is accusing the brothers of holding her captive to access her “off-shore” cash.

Has the story not gotten weird enough that maybe we should pay some attention to it yet? Well there is more and we have not even gotten to the parts with DWS in them yet. Good old Debbie using a disguised voice called a law office investigating election fraud at the DNC, threatened a Capitol Police Officer for seizing a laptop as part of the investigation and despite the ongoing fraud investigation waited until the day after the FBI seized Awan trying to flee the country to finally fire him.

This story has Left ridiculous and crossed straight in “WTF” territory and there is nothing, but crickets from mainstream media outlets. If ever there was a story where you in the mainstream media could gain some of your lost credibility back and prove that you are not the soul sucking partisan politburo of the Democratic Party, this is it. However, despite every indication that not covering this story will simply continue to prove the mainstream media to be the political hacks that we think they are, they are not going to run this story seriously. So, I ask again why would they refuse to cover this story? Maybe because Awan and his family were employed by DWS during her tenure at the DNC and had root admin access to everything she did on her computer? This becomes important because admitting that there is a story where the head of the DNC, who had their emails hacked, employed someone with an incredibly low moral threshold during the same time creates an alternative explanation on how the DNC emails became public. This alternative explanation cannot stand because it creates reasonable doubt in the Russian collusion story that for months the mainstream media has pushed. The mainstream media has made it crystal clear, President Trump must go, the Russian Collusion story is their best shot and if the truth gets in the way, well that is simply collateral damage.

Image Hijacked from Palm Beach Post.

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