There is a reason why I rarely cover healthcare in my blog. It is a topic that simply pisses me off. You have every SJW out there declaring it a “human right”. Once you dismantle that argument, because they are arguing for theft and tax slavery at that point, they immediately pivot to the “you’re heartless and just want people to die” argument. The pivot immediately turns into character attacks and this immediately ensures that no productive conversation can occur beyond this point.

It is a simple fact that Obamacare is not working for most of America. The government which moves at glacial speeds and with ponderous inefficiency should be kept as far away as possible from health care, but now the Democrats are declaring that the next step is a single payer healthcare system. Obamacare took a system that was working well for the majority of citizens, added massive government controls and regulations to insure 30 million people. In the end, they only succeeded in adding 12 million people to the rolls and FUBARed coverage for the rest of us. The Democrats who created this mess by adding government now believe the way to fix it… add more government. I can point to Veterans Administration hospital to prove how government run does not work, but the most recent example of how government run healthcare steals your choices and liberty is the case of baby Charlie Gard who died today. The irony is Senator McCain who ensured that the Obamacare repeal debate could not move forward has not brought American families one step closer to the hell that this family just endured.

This is the same Senator McCain who less than a year ago when he was running for reelection argued that Obamacare was beyond saving and the way forward was not by working with the Democrats to repair the law, but to repeal the law and start over. Another dose of irony is in his statement on why he did not support the effort to repeal the bill was that we needed to not be bipartisan and work with the Democrats to repair Obamacare. The ironic piece being is he did the exact opposite of what he promised to do while running for office when given the opportunity to do it. While I appreciate the fact that a person’s views may evolve on a topic, I do not see how the people of Arizona which were just hit with 116% premium increases last year are going to be happy that it was their Senator who many voted into office to repeal Obamacare… who is the one that folded and failed to bring it closer to being done.

At this point I have lost all patience with politicians failing to keep their promises. It is time for Americans to get involved in cleaning up the swamp and it begins by cleaning up the swamp creatures living on our doorsteps that we send to Washington. Senator John McCain may have once been an American hero, but his actions last night proved that getting good press and pats on the back from Chuck Schumer are more important than the people who put him in office. This to me is not how a hero acts. A hero stands up for what is right and honors their word, but what we saw last night was a bitter man who should have retired.

If this tweet turns out to be accurate then I have lost the last bit of respect for him… not that there was much left in the tank after his behavior of the last year.

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