Here is the plain and simple truth for Republicans and Conservatives alike; you are going to get next to no help from Democrats making health care better. Despite John McCain’s calls for bipartisanship, no Democrats are going to come to the table in any serious fashion as long as any one of the sacred cows in the entitlement family is on the table. You don’t have to take my word for this when you can hear it from the batty senile horse’s mouth on Fox News Sunday. (Key part begins at the 15 minute mark)

After starting with the typical Leftist talking point about health care being a “human right” and not a privilege Nancy Pelosi starts in on how the Democrats would be willing to work with Republicans to put in some “cost sharing reduction” payments for the insurance industries. For those of you that might be baffled by what a “cost sharing reduction” is, it is a scheme where the government takes money from the middle and upper class in the form of increased taxes and then pays insurance companies to sell cheaper insurance to poor people. It is nothing more than a redistribution of wealth ponzi scheme where lawmakers get to put their thumb on the scale in how these payments get distributed so they can receive their fair share of kickbacks in the form of campaign contributions from the insurance companies. This is the exact opposite reason why people put Republicans in the majority for the House and Senate and put Donald Trump in the oval office.

At this point Chris Wallace does some journalism and begins to press the crypt keeper on what the Democrats might be willing to give in order keep this entitlement payment going.

Compromise means both sides gives, not one side gives and the other side takes. Republicans want to cut back on Obamacare mandates, on Obamacare taxes and some of Obamacare regulations. What are you willing to give, what are you willing to agree to as part of that that would allow a true bipartisan compromise.

Despite Chris Wallace’s best efforts, he was not able to get one straight answer on what if any compromises that Democrats would be willing to make to achieve a bipartisan compromise. See Democrats are not going to compromise. They got another entitlement into place that gives them power and control and they have zero interest in giving it up and returning choice back to you the consumer. They claim that Obamacare is a free market solution, but just because you put “market” in the name of the place where you are selling it does not mean it is being driving by the same principles that drive capitalism. The government mandating that everyone must buy their approved insurance or its equivalent, taxing your citizenry to redistribute that money to poorer people and then creating massive amounts of regulations is no a system based on “Free Market” principles. The Democrats have zero interest in compromising when they see single payer within their reach.

She also had an interesting point where she said that Obamacare was based upon the concept of “no free riders; everyone has to have insurance.” What do you call it when you have one segment of the population paying zero and contributing nothing while gaining health insurance if not free riders? I understand that we need to create a safety net for the most unfortunate amongst us, but this needs to be done by the local communities and through charities that can best serve those individuals. Instead of a safety net, the government has created a hammock.

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