There is currently a war raging. The battlefield is ideals and the weapons are words. The winner of this war will determine the future of American culture. If you still are belaboring under the assumption that the Left is not trying to fundamentally alter our culture, then you have not been paying attention. The Left needs to shift how Americans view themselves and which traits are we prize as a society to get their more radical agenda items implemented.

Take the recent fight over healthcare. For years, the American Left has promoted policies that would eventually lead us to “Medicare for All” or a single payer system. Leftists have worked hard to make equality of outcomes and “fairness” the values that that should take preeminence in American society, because they know that if values like Liberty, Freedom of Choice and Rugged Individualism are still highly prized by our society that Americans will never accept complete government control of our healthcare. Sadly, because it is easier to sell “free stuff” over the “rewards of hard work” to the electorate, they have made significant inroads into diminishing the culture that created history’s greatest country.

The secret of their success lies in the way that they have managed to fundamentally shift the language; for all intents and purposes by outlawing words and phrases through the creation of narratives that those words are racist, sexist or insensitive. Once accomplished those words are replaced with benign euphemisms that help the modern SJW sell arguments that promote their current cause de jour. We need look no further than a recent Chicago Tribune editorial, “Loaded ‘illegal alien’ phrase introduced in sanctuary cities crackdown” to see the strategy in action. The tone of the piece implies that ‘illegal alien’ is a derogatory word and its use is coming out of left field when neither of these is the case. Alien is someone immigrating to the country, and illegal alien simply means immigrant alien that is doing so without the permission of the US government. Illegal alien is the legal definition of this action and has been in use for decades. I would expect that any directives or new laws originating from the Department of Justice would use the legal definitions when instructing government offices in how to handle those that have violated US immigration law. These facts are readily available for anyone who wants to look, but the Chicago Tribune would rather virtue signal than report the facts.

Oftentimes you will hear those on the Left make the argument that immigrants represent less crime per capita than native born American populations. While this statement is valid in terms of legal immigrants who have come to our country it is not accurate when we are looking at the “illegal alien” population. The Left will often use the terms Immigrant and Undocumented Worker interchangeably to cherry pick statistics for their arguments. This is nothing more than a semantical “bait and switch” and Conservatives need to do a much better job of identifying and correcting this when it occurs. The Left has gotten so good at this game of hide and seek with the truth that an entire generation has been convinced that enforcing immigration law, even for the murders and rapists, is some kind of extremist position.

Enter the Al Sharpton, race agitator extraordinaire who recently called President Trump’s pro police speech “against decency”. We have seen this all-out attack on the police for the last eight years devolve into a binary decision that if you support the men and women that put their lives on the line to stand between us an anarchy then you are somehow also against decency. If only he had stopped there, but he had to go on and complain about the President’s use of a racial slur. Well Al Sharpton I have seen where you have led Black American communities with your leadership and on behalf of all Irish Americans I will say thank you, but we do not need you to defend us. I could care less if Paddy Wagon was a term coined because it either brought a ton of Irish American Officers to a crime or if it became the term because it hauled away a ton of Irish American criminals. (No one really knows.) The term Paddy Wagon has zero power over me because I refuse to allow it to have it, the same that I refuse to allow the Left to play vocabulary hocus pocus with the truth.

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  1. I detest Al Sharpton…His comments about ‘killing pigs’ is still on youtube. He brought riots & death to Crown Heights disparaging Jewish people here in New York..growing up in NYC, if Al Sharpton was in the news, it was always for some evil he committed. As for the Irish & paddywagons, my parents (from Ireland) love Pres. Trump and find Al Sharpton to be an evil race baiter. I agree.

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    1. Al Sharpton has made a ton of money simply by showing up and creating racial discord so he could profiteer off the suffering. It is a far cry from the movement that Dr. King led where he urged for people to be judged not “by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.” There is a foundational piece missing from the way most of the modern Left has been raised in that they do not understand that words only have power over you that you choose to allow. Thanks for following and feedback is always welcome.



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