I normally would not post two articles in a day, but President Trumps announcement of the “Raise” act today warranted another quick blog on this topic. As a person who lived in Southern California for over two decades I have seen the problems that waves of unrestrained immigration (Legal and illegal) can have on communities. I have seen firsthand the impacts on wages and the job market and how education systems, government services and the health systems get overwhelmed. I have waited eight hours in an emergency room and seen the neighborhoods overrun with crime. I am not saying immigrants (legal or illegal) are all bad people (most are great people), but that is beside the point when a country is looking at immigration. We have lost sight of the true goals of the US immigration policy.

The immigration system should not be used as a recruitment tool to gain political power as we have seen from the Democrats, nor should it be a way to import cheap labor to drive down wages of Americans as we have seen from Rinos. The true purpose of American immigration is to bring the best and brightest from around the world to make America a better place. Simply importing the poor from around the world to our shores who do not speak the language, have no available means with which to support themselves and who have no intention of integrating into our great society places an unnecessary burden on Americans who are already struggling to achieve the American dream. The polices and thinking behind the “Raise” Act have been the default position of most Americans throughout our history. It is only with the latest version of the regressive Left that requiring immigrants to be able to support themselves and not partake of entitlements that they have not earned, somehow has become extremist thinking.

Over the next few weeks, we as Conservatives are going to hear this one argument ad nauseam. Immigrants (Legal and Illegal) do the jobs that Americans won’t. This argument is blatantly false and I will prove this with three arguments.

It is insulting to Americans – At this very moment around the world we have Americans doing some of the toughest thankless jobs on the planet for not very much money. They are sweating in engine rooms on destroyers, crawling around the sands of Afghanistan and humping in the sweltering heat in Okinawa for training. They are not getting paid nearly what they are worth, but they are proving that American exceptionalism still exists. The next time that some Leftist attempts to make the argument that cleaning toilets is hard, remind them of the hard work that is being done in harder conditions by our troops to provide us our freedom.

Logical Argument – The argument on its face makes no logical sense. There are thousands of small towns across America that do not have a single immigrant. Yet despite this lack of immigrants their toilets are clean, ditches are dug, restaurant work is completed, landscapes are maintained, buildings are built and the trash is picked up on time. How can this be if there are some jobs that Americans refuse to do? No, the jobs that they claim Americans refuse to do are those lower skill jobs with which they have flooded the market with migrant labor; which has driven down the wages that are paid for said labor and thus eliminates many Americans from doing these jobs because they are looking to support their families. In most instances, you would find Americans who would gladly do these jobs if the influx of migration had not artificially driven down the wages.

Factual Argument – Now I am not going to go through this article in detail, but there is a great piece from the Center for Immigration Studies that dismantles this argument. The study found that “Of the 465 civilian occupations, only four are majority immigrant. These four occupations account for less than 1 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Moreover, native-born Americans comprise 47 percent of workers in these occupations.” If there are only four jobs where immigrants are fulfilling the majority of those positions, it really does put the fire out on the need to import massive amounts of labor to do the jobs Americans will not.

Now I am going to leave you with two videos which do not need much explanation. These are almost “how to” videos on debunking Leftist talking points. Sadly, they are from the press briefing today and the Leftist nonsense is not being spouted by some activist group, but by “so-called reporters” from CNN and NYT.

The Miller vs. Acosta one might be getting top billing, but this one is every bit as revealing. Glenn Thrush demands that Miller provide the specific statistics even after Miller cites several studies and then says that the issue is one of common sense. Come on Thrush you are supposed to be a reporter. Now do some reporting and look at those studies yourself… you lazy hack.

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