There can be no clearer dichotomy that represents the Regressive Left’s mind then when they wax poetic about the value of diversity and predictably react in a totalitarian fashion when faced with intellectual diversity. Google’s recent firing of an employee who expressed a dissenting opinion in a 10 page memo that went viral, ironically on the lack of tolerance for intellectual diversity, should frighten Americans not only because this is an American Corporation, but one that serves as a gateway to the internet where millions go to find information, news and to express our views. If Google has not trouble firing an employee for freely expressing his opinion, then they certainly have zero qualms about engaging in practices that will continue to limit ours.

If you have not read the manifesto in full, I highly recommend that you do at Gizmodo; not because I think the thoughts or ideas expressed are ground breaking or revolutionary, but because I think they are rather mundane observations. This is where we are headed as a society. Not to cast stones on the author, but much like him I do not think I will be bringing anything revolutionary or groundbreaking to this conversation. However, I did want to pull out some quotes of people who were calling for this person’s termination because it is important to know that they could have been taken right out of Orwell’s 1984 and I would not have been surprised.

Breitbart – “In another post, alleged Site Reliability Manager Paul Cowan warned to employees that “freedom of speech is the right to freely express an opinion. It is most assuredly not the right to express an opinion with freedom from the consequences.”

The point of free speech is to say pretty much anything and be free of consequences. The second you tie consequences to certain types of speech, then it is no longer free speech. It is a pretty simple concept that many of the regressive left do not seem to understand.

Found this little gem floating around in the twittersphere. Another nonsense argument about words being a form of violence. You know implicit bias leads to microagressions which can cause psychological trauma which is a form of violence and allows you to behave either violently or as if your irrational fears are somehow justified. The tweet did give me a glimmer of hope as it only had 6 likes, but 413 comments most of which let Alex Hildago know what an utter moron he was being.

Google employee Alon Altman when discussing that any person that showed support for the writer of the manifesto should also be fired said, “This will send a message that we have zero tolerance for intolerance.” You would think that a Google employee could do a search on irony between virtue signaling.

Breitbart – Former Google Employee Adam Fletcher posting on their internal employee site. “You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google,” he continued. “You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.”

Pretty much escalating right into Fascism at this point. Should those of us who disagree with Adam here go ahead and pin a scarlet D to our chests now or wait for the Goostapo thought police to come and find us?

The cake topper to this crapshow is the person who is supposed to be leading the organization who said, “People Must Be Free To Express Dissent”, right after he fired the person who wrote the manifesto.

This only serves to prove what many of us on the Right have been saying for a while. While the Left is screeching and telling anyone who will listen that Conservatives are a bunch of hate filled Nazis, it is the supposedly tolerant Left that actively and sometimes violently tries to suppress free speech. They do it under the guise of protecting diversity, but for the Left diversity is only skin deep. Important diversity that we should seek as humans like the diversity of thoughts, opinions and ideas is not only discouraged, but now dangerous for your career, livelihood and physical safety if you refuse to join the hive mind. I firmly believe that in the end, societies where we all think exactly the same are inherently more dangerous than one in which we all look the same.

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