Millennials have been fed a steady intellectual diet of microagressions and implicit bias theory that it is little wonder that in the absence of the rampant systemic racism that they had been told to expect that they are now having to reach to further extremes to uncover examples of institutional discrimination. After all, how can you justify an education that cost you thousands of dollars and taught you a world view that said white racists were everywhere you looked, but when you look around you are having difficulty spotting real racists? Now I am not suggesting that real racism does not exist, no reasonable person could make that argument, but I would argue that racism in America is not nearly as bad as millennials have been led to believe.

The only way that the millennial can avoid cognitive dissonance between what they learned from academia and their experience is through an elaborate process of confirmation bias where they begin painting innocuous statements and actions with the board brush of white nationalism. In the last year alone I have seen articles arguing that the following things are racist; Pokeman Go, historically accurate films like Dunkirk, the “truth”, a green cartoon frog, the “OK” symbol, prioritizing national security, standing for the national anthem, making any other argument for immigration reform that is not based on open borders, believing that the government should be smaller, displaying the American flag, basically disagreeing with any Leftist argument and milk.

Are you f’ing kidding me… Milk? Are we seriously marching towards a world where I will no longer be able to call it chocolate milk and must refer to it as DPOC (Dairy Product of Color)? Are we ready to live in a country where at any given time if you have milk in your refrigerator then 37% of it must be DPOC? I of course use hyperbole in jest to make my point, but if we are already calling something as benign as milk racist, are we really that far from government mandated programs controlling the purchasing of milk when people who see racism everywhere they look start calling the shots?  Try as I might, I am still don’t see the local skinheads gathering together in a barn listening to music as they hoist their horns of milk.

This brings me to the Left’s latest incursion into Word Sharia… Cosmopolitan. Apparently unbeknownst to everyone, including white supremacists, “Cosmopolitan” is the latest Neo Nazi code word. You may remember this from the Raise Act White House press briefing where CNN’s Jim Acosta got mauled like a hippy in a salmon suit during bear season.

I am not even going to go for the layup in debunking this claim by stating the simple fact that Stephen Miller is Jewish and thus painting him as a White Supremacists for using the word “Cosmopolitan” should be grounds for having your Twitter account pulled. (I kid… I mean it is not like I work at Google.)

It is true that Miller uses Cosmopolitan as pejorative, just not in the way the frothing Left believes. Miller’s use of the word is directly related to Accosta’s grandstanding and virtue signaling for open borders not some kind of a hidden racial insult, but an argument against Globalism and Cosmopolitanism which “is the ideology that all human beings belong to a single community, based on a shared morality.” This underpins the argument for those that advocate for open borders because if all human beings belong to a single community then there should be no borders and only a single world government to guide us. Anyone see any problems with this philosophy? You guessed it, it is nothing more than cultural relativism claptrap designed to make people believe that Western cultures are inherently evil and the only solution is to fix them by embracing more cultures. I take offense to any philosophy where American culture and society are placed on equal footing with cultures where homosexuals are still being executed, women are oppressed and female genital mutilation is a common practice. I would be willing to bet that any American who found themselves stuck living in a culture where significant portions of the population still believed in this fashion would reverse years of culture relativism training overnight and would accept that not every culture is equal.

I like many Americans look at legal and illegal immigration through the lens of cost and not racism. What do these programs cost businesses and us the American taxpayer? When we continuously try to paint anyone, who disagrees with you as a racist, then real racism and racists can thrive. I have grown numb to your virtue signaling and character attacks and so before the next time that you declare “______ is racist!”, take a moment, have a nice warm glass of DPOC and simply STFU.

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