What we are seeing out of the Leftist media propaganda machines is that they are positioning not only traditionally Conservative positions, but positions that would have been considered Moderate 10 years ago as the extremist position. Controlling our borders and immigration levels is not an extremist position. A desire to shift funding away from the federal government to state and local governments so the citizen has more influence into how that money gets spent is not an extremist position. The right to want to limit the government’s ability to curtail our right to keep and bear arms is not an extremist position. Wanting to oppose late second trimester abortions and allow Planned Parenthood to sell the baby parts and charge the taxpayer is not an extremist position. I can cite hundreds of examples where a reasonable position has been painted by the modern Left as extremist.

The problem with painting these formerly reasonable positions as the extremist viewpoint is it becomes an unjust character attack and ensures that no further debate can occur. The Left has simplified the debate into a binary choice… you either agree with them or you are a Nazi. This politically expedient argument has left many who consider themselves a Classical Liberal behind as media and politicians abandon long held positions to go chasing after the votes and money of the very vocal minority in the base that has careened very far to the Left recently. As an interesting thought exercise, I began wondering how previous Democratic thought leaders that are considered the forerunners of the modern Democrats would fair when held up to the Left’s new standards.  Would a Democratic icon like JFK still be considered a hero to the modern Left or would he like many others be labeled a Nazi for the simply act of holding a reasonable position?


Whoa whoa whoa Mr. President. You have got to say “Trigger Warning” before you go Pro America.



Sounds like you want wanted to be branded a domestic terrorist just like Dana Loesch and the NRA.



Uh Mr. President… words are a form of violence and if you bring someone to our campus to speak peacefully about Conservative issues we have the right to burn the school down and pepper spray women to protect them.


Wrong Mr. President… It is the government’s job to take that money and give it to the poor people, well after the politicians and their cronies get their cut, which will grow the economy at you know… 1.6 or 2% growth. It is called the recirculation of money… Google it.


Now you are just sounding Islamophobic… and by the way the Government gives you those rights.


Mr. President you just don’t want the 1% to pay their fair share. You are going to kill poor people. Why do you hate poor people… are you racist?



And there you go Mr. President. You advocating of people’s rights to say whatever they want in an open market of ideas clearly makes you a Nazi. You are nothing more than a greedy asshole, who is clinging to his guns and religion and hides behind the first amendment to say vile hateful truths and prop up the systemic racism that is plaguing America to keep white people in charge.


These were common beliefs on freedom of speech, the second amendment, taxation, patriotism, the role of government and the citizen that were held not only by Republicans, but Democrats as well. Yes, Democrats and Republicans had disagreements, but they were in orders of degrees and not the chasm that seems separate the sides today. Positions held commonly by Democrats fifteen years ago will now get you called a Nazi and the Left will demand that your right to speak be removed, violently if necessary. The Left has become a place where the words “healthy debate” are a triggering offense that require a safe space, two therapy dogs and a coloring book. Democrats, you need to listen, in the last eight years your party has strayed so far and so fast that if JFK was alive today, it is likely even he would have voted for President Trump.

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