If a neo-Nazi scumbag craps himself in the woods… how long does President Trump have to disavow? It is a trick question according to the dinosaur media as President Trump is a Nazi. For years there has been a double standard in the old media structure. They were filled with Leftist activists, but they at least tried to maintain the mask of impartiality. Never has the radical Leftwing media bias been so clear and so damaging to our society. When Republicans were shot on a ballfield, the media and Democrats were quick to condemn the rhetoric on all sides for causing the incident. When a white supremacist runs his car into a group of protesters after attending a political protest where both sides had come prepared to engage in violence; media and Democrats were quick to pounce and lay that blame on Republicans and Conservatives. Never mind the fact that those scumbags do not represent the values and beliefs of true Conservatives and Republicans, but the Left is never one to let tragedy go to waste.

Democrats and the media missed a good opportunity to help derail the violence and divisiveness we are seeing in our streets. Instead of unity they choose instead to continue forward with their all Conservatives are racist narrative to fire up their base and raise money. Instead of acknowledging that ANTIFA showed up for the expressed purposes of causing violence they shift the blame. (Sorry but if you show up with soda cans filled with cement, boards with screws in them, homemade flamethrowers and what amounts to the best riot gear that Sports Authority can provide, you are not showing up to hand out Pepsi and candy.) For months Conservatives and Republicans have been asking the Left to denounce the radical elements in their party that have been engaging in violence. The Conservative and Republican movement have denounced the radical scum that pretend to speak for us and it is time that our counterparts on the Left do the same. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem and so far, the Left refuses to take that first step.

The Democrats and Media have condoned ANTIFA and other Leftwing hate based groups. Sorry, but any group that would attack a person based strictly on the basis that you disagree with them politically is hate based. The silence from Democrats and Media to condemn the latest round on violence from all sides and not just the Nazi scum will only embolden ANTIFA to escalate. The Media will only continue to ratchet up their hate filled rhetoric and this will ensure that more people die. In just the two days since the tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville we already can see that the Left is not dialing back either their rhetoric or actions. They continue to lump all Conservatives and Republicans in with the Nazi scum and continue to idealize violence against Nazis. If your right and left arms are both infected, you do not simply treat the right and hope the infection in the left will go away on its own. Neither do you treat one arm with traditional methods and the other with experimental treatments. We need to treat violence the same across the board, and we cannot equivocate on this in the least or we will have as the Daily Caller reported today ANTIFA calling for an escalation of violence.

Addendum: No sooner than I had posted this blog then I run across a Yahoo article which I will not link to because it is a trash article, but the premise is basically that as white supremacists became embolden that ANTIFA has emerged to fight them. No only is Yahoo not condemning their violence, but they are now romanticizing them. We already have a bunch of children live action roleplaying in the streets as revolutionaries and you have outlets essentially giving them continued license to riot and use their hecklers veto against anyone who disagrees with them on any point. I warn you Democrats, this cadre of Social Justice Monsters is going to turn on you at some point because you are not radical enough and when they do don’t start crying about it.

Here is ANTIFA attacking a reporter at a protest yesterday.

Here the protestors decide to rip down a statue in Durham. The media is showing the first 10 seconds of the clip, but the last 20 seconds of the clip where the protestors attack the statue in a frenzy not so much.

Here we have more of those peaceful ANTIFA protestors getting pepper sprayed by the police after throwing fireworks at them.

Here we have protestors not allowing Democratic gubernatorial candidate to speak… because she is white.

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