I think it is a vile statement to hope for a tragedy like the collapse of the stock market simply because you disagree with the President. While I disagreed with President Obama on how society should solve almost every issue I would never willingly root for his policies to fail in such a spectacular fashion that it would cause people to suffer. This is in essence what Bill Maher just did. He vehemently hates the President so much that he would rather see people lose their homes, be cast in uncertain futures as they lose their jobs, have 401Ks and retirements tank, and struggle to pay their bills, than allow for the possibility that he might be wrong and President Trump succeed. When you have no want for money it is easy for you to root for a complete economic meltdown of the global economy because in the end you will still be living well. What does a rich person like Maher care if millions of Americans who are feeling economic hope for the first time in decades are cast back onto welfare.

It is an ugly sentiment to root against the betterment of the American people, but such is the state of mind of the American Left. We have lawmakers and media activists whose worse fear is not that President Trump will enact any of the ridiculous crap that they drum up while fear monger amongst their voters, but he will succeed. This type of thinking has created a hostile environment where the President of the United States is cast as the ultimate villain and a demonstrable hate groups like ANTIFA is cast as heroes and freedom fighters as they wreak havoc in our streets. We have become the society that has buried the needle on stupidity. The President can stand up and denounce violence coming from both sides of the political spectrum and despite having ample evidence of the veracity of his statement the Democrats and Mainstream Media will call him a liar with zero consequences.

Moral cowardice? I have heard multiple versions of this type of language today and I am now convinced that the Left has a warped sense of what bravery entails. President Trump could have gone to that press conference and walked back his first statement and said exactly the same things that the media and Democrats have been screeching about for three days. This would have been “moral cowardice”. Instead he stood there and told the simple truth that one hate filled group of despicable people met a misguided violent group of people in a park and beat on each other with sticks in a frenzy of political violence that was unAmerican. Unlike the media I am not going to play the shades of guilt game where we assign slightly more guilt to one group because they are hate-filled whereas the other is slightly less hate-filled and just as misguided. Both groups are deserving of condemnation. This is the simple truth and until we can agree on this point, we will not move forward. If you have not watched the press briefing in full then I suggest you and make up your own mind.

Full Disclosure: No, I do not believe that Bill Maher wants to kill your grandmother. I do think he is hate-filled and misguided and this is exactly how the headline would have been written had anyone said this about President Obama.

Posted by redstateronin

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