My preference would have been to write my blog today about how a racist banana peel managed to shut down Greek Life retreat in Mississippi (Yes it happened), but even as asinine as that story was there was something far more egregious occurred that I think needs to be addressed. Now the so-called journalists at CNN have spent a lot of time attacking the President and taking exception when he calls them Very Fake News. They have even gone as far as to suggested that President Trump’s attacks were going to get one of them killed sooner or later. (Which is laughable because the only people that I have seen attacking journalists have been ANTIFA) The tears have flowed freely at our least favorite garbage news network and we the public are subjected to Jim Acosta’s daily hissy fits where he throws tantrums like a child if during the press briefings the Press Secretaries dare to call on one of the other 50 news organizations in the room and not CNN.

So, I have a question for CNN. If you are not Very Fake News, then how do you explain one of your reporters getting caught staging a FAKE rescue? I have seen several media outlets stage stories before. The staging of the Muslim Protests after the terror attack in London and the CNN anchor whispering what she wants the debate “panel member” to say jump to the front. As despicable as these acts are they pale in comparison to not only staging a news story about a rescue, but inserting your organization into the story as the would-be heroes. The fact that CNN is taking advantage of the tragedy of Texas to try to repair their sinking credibility takes the scum-baggery to new heights. There are no shortage of great stories of heroism, generosity, compassion or the spirit of America in Texas at the moment, but the reporters are just too dam lazy to find them. When I first saw the story, I thought I was going to have to write something nice about CNN. However, CNN lived down to their reputation and saved me from having to do that when I saw the following video.

Do you want to keep protesting that you are not Very Fake News CNN? Want to try to make me think you are a victim when the President tweets a funny meme of your network getting body slammed? Want to try to convince me that I should feel guilty for voting for President Trump because the Russians supposedly interfered in the election and made me pull that lever for Trump? Seriously how is anyone supposed to believe a network that when surrounded by the most important human interest story of the year doesn’t report on that, but instead chooses to fake a report. I don’t know what is worse than Very Fake News, but it is safe to assume that your organization has now crossed into that territory. You want to know how the people that do not live in your liberal elite bubble feel about you? Pretty much like this woman below.

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