The Illegal Aliens Brought Here As Children (IABHAC) are in a pretty horrible situation. There is no denying this fact. However, in the past two days I have heard every argument in defense of DACA and the Left still doesn’t have a leg to stand on with this issue. You can try to dress up the facts, but in the end how you feel is not a legal argument. I have yet to hear a convincing argument that President Trump was wrong to end DACA as most of what I have seen argued are recycled talking points that are tied to the emotional nature of this issue.

Constitutionality – I don’t even need to argue this point. President Obama for months before he signed DACA clearly indicated that taking unilateral action on this issue was clearly unconstitutional. The courts have already struck down the sister DAPA program as an executive overreach. Now to hear the bizarre rational on why this action was unconstitutional before he signed the executive order, but now miraculously is now constitutional is mind boggling. President Obama signed DACA as a way to pander for Hispanic voters during the 2012 election year. There can be no other explanation for someone to claim for months to not have a power only to take the action and blame the congress from whom he usurped the power.


Ending DACA is a violation of Equal Protection – No. Carving out a group of people who are immune from enforcement is the definition of the violation of equal protection. Enforcing the laws by identifying and removing illegal aliens even if they were brought here as small children does not violate the equal protection clause of the constitution. A great many arguments could be made that not applying the law as written and choosing the non-enforcement option of immigration policy would thus cause additional burdens for American citizens.

The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.

DACA was only selective enforcement – No DACA was just not a temporary delay of enforcing immigration law it also granted access that were not traditionally made available to other classes of illegal aliens, like ability to obtain work and access to social security cards. The net effect was a form of amnesty by executive fiat and this is clearly where the constitutional overreach occurred.

We had a moral obligation to allow it to continue – I would argue that we have a moral obligation to the citizens of America to do what is in the best interest of Americans first. We have a moral obligation to demand ALL current and prospective citizens follow the laws of the land. We have a moral obligation to avoid creating scenarios where the lawless non-enforcement of a policy strains the resources of our communities because of the massive influx of illegal immigration in response to this non-enforcement. We have a moral obligation that we follow the immigration laws as written to bring the very best from all countries of the world to build a better America. We have plenty of moral obligations, but none of those trumps the obligations to the American citizen.

Dreamers are all productive members of society and have spotless records – I am not arguing that most Dreamers might not fit into this category, but to utter this as a statement of fact is blatantly a lie. I have seen arguments going both ways on this topic. What we do know is the Left loves to convolute Legal and Illegal when attempting to make points about the impact of crime and Illegal immigration. What we do know is that a significant portion of the prison population is made up of illegal aliens, that they have slightly higher proportions of criminality and lower graduation rates. Some of the “so-called” Dreamers would fall into this category.

The children shouldn’t be punished for the crimes of their parents – If someone robs a bank and gives the money to their children we do not allow those children to keep the money. Additionally, this is an inconsistent argument from the Left as just last week one of the BLM leaders demanded that I give up my home to a POC family apparently for what some unrelated white people did over a 150 years ago. I mainly wanted to point out how inconsistently the Left applies their logic at times.

President Trump ending DACA was cruel – No it was not. It was a kindness. Ending DACA on his terms allowed him to provide a 6 month period where it will continue. Had he not acted and simply allowed it to continue several states would have filed suit to have the Executive Order overturned in court. This court challenge would have had a high likelihood of being won and this would have meant that the program would have ended the next day after the decision was handed down. Instead of having 6 months to prepare many Dreamers would have gone from pseudo-legal one day to illegal the next. This also pushed it to the body that is supposed to be dealing with this issue, Congress.

OK Democrats, establishment Republicans and even you Leftist it is time for some real talk. I have been hearing many of you go on about how you want DACA enshrined in law. Dreamers should be put on a pathway to citizenship. When asked how about this for enhancing border security many are responding that it is unfair. Not unfair to American citizens mind you, but their relatives that have not violated our immigration laws by illegally entering the country. So, let me be clear on this issue. I and many Americans realize that it is a shitty situation that the parents of these Dreamers have placed them in. While we recognize this we also realize that unchecked and unregulated illegal immigration is not sustainable and will only negatively impact Americans in the long run. If there is an attempt made by any law maker to simply grant amnesty to Dreamers to create a law the perpetually allows parents to bring their underage children here without consequences and at the expense of the American taxpayers as a piece of standalone legislation we will oppose it on all fronts.

You want the illegal aliens who were brought here as children to be put on a pathway to citizenship? Then it must be included with legislation that funds the building of the wall, the Raise Act and mandatory eVerify. The law only grants the pathway to citizenship over 10 years for the children and those that were brought here as children and are in this country at this very moment. It does not include their parents, grandparents, cousins or any other relative. This would be compromise and how the American system is supposed to work. However, based upon what I have been seeing the Left they are unwilling to compromise on this issue. Until you are willing to give a bit on your side of the fence you are mere tilting at windmills and nothing will be done.

Cover Image: ABC News

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