Senator Kirsten Gillibrand became the latest Democratic Senator to signal support for the upcoming “Medicare for All” bill due to be released on Wednesday. Senator Gillibrand joins other far Left Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris in planning to drag America into the hell that is socialism by turning over around one-sixth of our economy to morons and bankrupting the country. Some of you may object to the term moron, but I would argue that it might not be critical enough to indicate what a disaster this would be for our lives. After all even California the social justice haven that it is had to pump the breaks on their own single payer plan when they found out that even the lowest estimate would essentially double their budget.

Still despite the abject lessons that are being taught in real time in Venezuela, basic math and common sense, Democrats seem bound and determined to push their party as far to the Left as possible. By Liberal logic it makes perfect sense that after a sizable portion of America has been rejecting the rapid leftward projector of the Democrats that what Americans want… is socialism. Even if you shelf the moral arguments on stealing from some people to give to others, (You are a ridiculous clown if you believe that any American has a human right to another person’s time) you are still left with the question of how this program would be funded. For any rational minded person, this would be the end of the debate. As Ben Shapiro pointed out this program would 13.8 Trillion dollars over the next decade.

As a country that just hit 20 Trillion in debt it is the height of irresponsibility to continue spending money like a drunken sailor just into port. As Conservatives, this is the fight we must win. We already have dangerous amounts of Millennials who despite a mountain of evidence of the evils of socialism still prefer it to capitalism. Which they will gladly tweet to you on their new iPhone. If Democrats win the battle on this issue, the battle will never end. We will sooner or later find ourselves in a society where in addition to healthcare taxpayers are footing the bill for higher education which has become all but irrelevant due to the universal salaries.

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  1. You more or less hit the nail on the head regarding the exact threats that government control of healthcare would pose to the American public.

    Interesting that you brought up Venezuela – if you want to properly illustrate the massive failure that is nationalized healthcare, look no further than our own backyard. The U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs has seen some 300,000 deaths from people who couldn’t access federally-regulated care… because it turns out that people don’t want to become doctors when they can’t set their own reimbursement rates. Medicare has rendered itself unsustainable for similar reasons.

    Canada’s single-payer system, as well, has been forced into rationing care thanks to the debt they have amassed… and of course, Trudeau’s camp appears even less bothered by this than the American left.

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    1. Great comment. You are absolutely correct in that the VA is a great precursor of what Americans can expect if we start down the road of single payer. I have several friends who are retired military who navigate that system every week to get basic medical care. Many Americans who are not paying attention do not realize that the cost for single payer healthcare will dictate mandatory rationing of resources almost from the onset. When the best possible outcome of a program is treatment delays, rationing of care and reduction in quality then we should instinctively know that the idea is based on faulty assumptions.

      The under reporting of the situation going on in Venezuela by the mainstream media is borderline criminal at this point. I am baffled how we have the perfect example of what you get when you declare consumer goods to be a human right occurring right at this very moment and still have people trying to convince me of the virtues of socialism. Single payer is the next step down the path that leads to the chaos and suffering that is Venezuela.

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