In a week that I have heard people say some incredibly stupid stuff like Ben Shapiro is a Nazi and Dr. Ben Carson is a “Black White Supremacist” there is one lie that keeps getting repeated by unthinking Leftists that flies in the face of every fact that they see daily. Several times this week I have seen people repeating the nonsense that building a wall was pointless because walls do not work.

I am a firm believer in observable fact and the observable fact is that walls work. Not only do we rely on them to hold up our roofs and separate us from the elements they also have the primary purpose of controlling access to our homes to help keep our loved ones safe. If walls don’t work, then I invite any Leftists out there to live the next month with the doors to your home left wide open. I am certain that by the end month you would have many complaints about the experience that are pretty much in line with the arguments that the Right has been using to advocate for border security.

Now many on the Left would argue that a home is different than a country, but is it really? In my home, I want to control who has access and ensure that anyone who enters is there via an invitation, I certainly don’t want just anyone walking in off the street and helping themselves to the food in the fridge that my family has worked hard to earn and I certainly would never allow anyone to stay who disrespected the rules that my family lives by or attacked those under my roof. Is it unreasonable to ask that our government provide these basic protections for the home we all share called America?

If we build a wall along our southern border and enforce it, illegal immigration that currently walks across will slow to virtually nothing. Yes, there will still be some that trickles through, but the clear majority will be stopped. This is an observable fact. Hungry built their border barrier and illegal immigration dropped from 391,000 to 1,184 in the span of two years. Proving that walls do work to control access across a border.

Now it is at this point that many determined Leftists will point out that the wall is useless because we get a large portion of our illegal immigration from Visa overstays who would simply enter the country illegally by flying over said wall. Yes, but this is a different problem entirely and saying we should not build the wall based upon this is akin to saying I am not going to treat the infection in my foot because I have a broken arm. The wall is one of many not the only solution we need to stem the tide of illegal immigration to our country. The entire Visa issues and tracking system needs a serious overhaul, but just because this is another avenue for people to break the law does not mean it is a justification for not fixing other areas which allow this lawlessness to continue. Without the wall, people can literally walk across the border with the intent of breaking our immigration laws and staying in the country illegally. The wall will drastically cut illegal immigration and it would signal to the world that the US taking the rule of law seriously and we are a sovereign nation who take the problem of illegal immigration seriously.

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