What happens when learning takes a backseat to social justice? What happens when our colleges and universities have become more concerned with Leftist indoctrination than preparing their students for the challenges that they will face when entering the workforce? What happens when teachers are more concerned about pushing their political agendas than exposing their students to a variety of ideas in order to build their critical thinking skills? This is what happens…

What do you get when you emphasize social science over hard sciences like engineering and math? What do you get when you constantly fill young people with an untrue narrative like all police are evil and they do more harm than good? What do you get when you teach that how you feel is more important than the truth? You get this…

What becomes of our society when you take impressionable youth with poor impulse control and instead of reigning in their worst instincts fill their heads with the propaganda of isms and set them on a path for crusading against free speech and a jihad against any idea that contradicts their unchallenged world views? What becomes of our society when you train young Leftists to equate patriotism with racism, different opinions with violence and free speech with hate speech? We become a society that supports fascism.

American universities are cranking out would be fascists at an alarming rate. What else do you call children who believe, as the Daily Wire reported, “that the First Amendment does not protect ‘hate speech’” (44%), shouting down speakers is reasonable course of action (51%) or that “…the use of violence against controversial speakers would be acceptable?” (19%) The fact that these statistics are this high would be alarming enough without realizing that they are only going to get worse before they get better. Colleges have become a place where Conservatives feel the need to speak in whispers and simply keep their heads down and get through. No longer are they the bastions of free speech and intellectual diversity where young minds are exposed to new ideas and their world views are challenged. Instead they have become the intellectual equivalent of padded cells in insane asylums.

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