I came across an article on Gateway Pundit “Google Search Results Appear Broken – Many Simply Queries No Longer Make Sense” that piqued my curiously. As a practical experiment, I decided to check their claims and here is what I found. Google is Racist.

A search for White couples returns…


A search for Caucasian couples returns…


A mere handful of the dozens of images represent what you would expect to be returned when you do a search for “White Caucasian” or “Caucasian Couples” and the rest of the images returned are clearly interracial couples. Now please do not misunderstand me as I am married to an Asian woman and thus part of an interracial couple so I have zero problems with people being with the person that they love regardless of race. However, what I do have a problem with is Google arguably the gatekeeper of the internet using their near monopoly on search to virtue signal about issues of race. It is almost as if they are saying to white people that if you marry another white person then you are a racist. After all, how do you think the world would react if the same search engine returned results better suited to interracial couples when searching for Black couples…


Asian couples…


Hispanic Couples…


Indian Couples…


Muslim Couples…


Interracial Couples…


Nope each of those searches returns exactly what you would expect. I guess it is ok for a company to act racist if that bigotry is directed towards white people. Are white couples no longer welcomed in our society? We have gone from a society where we were trying to decry racism as an evil with one voice to a society where we now have segments of that society that believe to fight perceived injustice that we must promote real injustice. If you want me to stand with you and fight real racism then the over reactionary, hyperbolic nonsense has got to stop. If you make everything you see all about race then people will eventually grow numb and tune you out. Millions of Americans who voted for Trump have had to endure the full media firestorm calling us racist for the last year. You will not shame us into groupthink when our principles and values are based upon our belief that liberty and a smaller government will ultimately serve ALL American people best.

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