In 2010 the Republicans were in the minority and latched onto the Tea Party in order to regain control of Congress. Despite having the majority in the House, they claimed they were powerless to stop President Obama. In 2014, although the Tea Party was beginning to fade, they once again was pivotal in helping Republicans regain control of the Senate. Once they had both Houses of Congress, they immediately forgot the help that the Tea Party had given them and slithered into the swamp exclaiming, “If only we had the White House as well, we could finally get stuff done!”

In 2016 a new movement arose. The MAGA movement with then Candidate Trump at the helm swept into office and maintained the majority in the House and expanded the majority in the Senate. This is exactly what every Republican lawmaker had claimed was what was needed to finally pass some conservative based legislation. Instead we got two years of failure. We had more useless hearings which uncovered massive amounts of Democrat and government wrongdoing with almost nobody held accountable. We watched Republicans cozy up to the partisan mainstream media to attack the President that we had chosen. We watched Republicans alienate the base that put them in power.

It is no wonder after this massive two years of failure and without President Trump on the ticket that Republicans lost control of the house. While I didn’t think that Republicans could top the previous two years of failure, they surprised me yet again with their ability to screw things up. At this point we now had a pretty good idea of the extent of corruption that occurred at the end of the Obama administration. We had horrendous abuses at the DOJ and FBI and for the party that is always claiming to support Law and Order, it should have been very easy to support prosecuting these criminals. Instead, we got lukewarm support of a President that had been wrongfully targeted and more hearings that went nowhere. The criminals got book deals and cable news gigs and President Trump got impeached.

In 2020 the MAGA movement once again showed up for President Trump. Despite all the pollsters telling us that it was going to be a blue wave, Republicans gained significant seats in the House, gave President Trump more votes than any sitting President and are in position to maintain the Senate. Despite the giant Republican successes, somehow President Trump lost the election. Despite increasing his number of votes, despite winning 18 of 19 bell weather counties, despite winning Florida, Ohio and Iowa, despite increasing the percentage of every minority group, despite winning more counties, despite increasing his margins in every major urban area, but four, despite every indicator that normally would predict who wins the Presidency… he lost?

We watched as key swing states just announced that they were going to stop counting with no explanation, only to find out when we woke up in the morning that not only did the counting not stop, but there were huge vote spikes for Biden. To be fair one swing state did give us a reason why they stopped counting, unfortunately we discovered that they were lying. We see statistical anomalies, the very same ones our State Department uses when trying to determine if fraud occurred in other countries elections occuring right here in ours. We see vote totals mysteriously switching right in the broadcast news. We have poll challengers being intimidated, kicked out, forced to stand in pens to observe election work taking place 20-100 feet away so no meaningful access was granted. We have seen thousands of votes that may be attributed to the dead, the illegal, the people who moved, double voters and people who claim their address as a PO Box. We have watched election officials block attempts at transparency. We have watched state executives and judges usurp the constitutional power of state legislators to create state election law to erode the mail in verification controls and extend deadlines. Now we have forensic audits that are showing error rates of 58.05% when they should be fractions of a percent.

Despite these many irregularities we are not allowed to ask questions. The Democrats and Republicans want us to sit down and shut up so they can go back to managing the decline of our nation while they get rich. The Media has spoken and there can be no further discussion of all these oddities with this election. They must move onto the important business of their CCP masters. (Well as soon as you Republicans get out to vote in GA)

Of course, Republicans are once again begging us to give them power. Any power at all, even if it is only a two vote majority in the Senate. They claim that they want to be a check on the Democrats, but I feel as if it is simply to give them greater negotiating power. If they are the minority in both houses, they get nothing, but that two Senator majority means that they get to negotiate away your freedoms and get something in return. They tell us that if they do not get control of the Senate then we will never get to the bottom of all these irregularities. Why should we think for a single minute that if they are not willing to ask for it to be investigated now, that somehow, they would be willing to have meaningful investigations that go anywhere later? You have to be a moron to believe that if they are not willing to fight now, that somehow on January 6th they are going to be willing to fight when they are in a more difficult position.

Our demand was simple… investigate the irregularities so we the Republican base could have confidence in our election system. Instead, we were summarily dismissed and treated like we were crazy. We watched Democrats cheat Bernie out of the nomination in 2016 and then again 2020. Yet somehow, we are supposed to believe that the same Democrats who would do this to a member of their own caucus are somehow above cheating in a general election against the President that they call “orange hitler”. To steal from Biden, “C’Mon Man.”

I am going to continue demanding that these vote irregularities get investigated and President Trump investigate every legal remedy to ensure that only legal votes were counted in this election. I am not advocating that if you can legally vote in GA that you do not vote. Giving Kamala Harris full control of the WH and both houses of congress would be a giant detriment. As pathetic of a shield for our rights and our constitution as the current Republicans are, it is the only one we will have for the next two years. Give them their tiny power now, but come January 6th, we the Republican base need to make absolutely clear that we will no longer accept a feckless defense of our values, rights and constitution. Establishment Republicans who aided Democrats in their power grab should know a reckoning is coming.

I borrowed the picture of McConnell from Forbes.

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