I have watched this video from CSPAN a few times today, and I get angrier each time I watch it. For context it is a report from one of the SCOTUS staffers describing what occurred when the justices met up to discuss the Texas lawsuit. According to the report, the justices who normally quietly and rationally debate got into quite the shouting match over whether to accept the case. According to this report Chief Justice John Roberts was heard screaming, “I don’t give a <blank> about that case. I don’t want to hear about it, at that time we didn’t have riots.” This was said in response to Justices Thomas and Alito bringing up the Bush v Gore case. UPDATED: After reflection and listening to others I agree that the story being told is Fake. However, I do believe that Chief Justice Roberts is swayed by public opinion and not doing what is right.

Now provided that this anonymous source is correct, we can officially say justice is dead in America. The highest court in our land did not determine to take a case based on the merits, or the law, but on whether people might riot if they got upset. Really think about this… now ask yourself what precedent does this set if judges can begin deciding cases not on the law or the merits of the argument, but simply on the fact that the side that disagrees with them might burn down a Target. The Left has now created the ultimate heckler’s veto. What other decisions might they sway next simply by threatening to riot if the court does not rule in their favor? What chance does a simple local judge have if the SCOTUS can be intimidated by mob rule.

Our faith in institutions crumbles further every day. The media is partisan to such an extreme they have become the Democratic Politburo. The FBI and CIA are shown more everyday to be more interested in protecting our political elites than our citizens. Our local law enforcement seem hell bent on allowing rioting to occur unchecked while enforcing draconian and unconstitutional lockdowns on law abiding citizens trying to make a living and keep their businesses afloat. Corporations have allowed their greed to consume them as they support forced labor camps in China and actively work to erode free speech with which they disagree. Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are only interested in their own power and willingly delay help the American people need in order to hurt one candidate to help another.

Through all of this, the right maintained faith that in the end the SCOTUS would do the right thing when called to act. They had faith that when State Officials and State Courts usurped the constitutional powers of state legislators to set the state’s election laws that they would set this issue right. We had faith that our courts would provide fair hearings where we could shine the light of truth on massive amounts of irregularities and present evidence. Instead, the courts have summarily dismissed our claims on standing and procedural grounds.

When Conservatives saw the unconstitutional alteration of the laws, they sued only to be informed that they don’t have standing because they had not received injury yet. When the steal was going on, Conservatives sued and the courts drug their feet or would order the situation be corrected, but not enforce it. Now after we have seen the fraud, we sue and are told we should have sued earlier. Across the board the courts have failed us, but none more so than SCOTUS. They had a chance to right a wrong and choose cowardice and now 74 million Americans have lost their faith in them.

I fear too many will hear Chief Justice Roberts message all too clear and we will become a nation where both sides are willing to do the most damage until they are heard. I would never endorse or condone rioting, but with so many Democratic leaders willing to stand aside and let their cities burn for their political narrative, how do conservatives make their voices heard in this clangorous environment without turning to destruction and violence? While the Left now turns to enforce subservience in the guise of “unity”, I fear that Chief Justice Robert’s words and actions are the herald of turbulent times ahead.

Posted by redstateronin

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