Republicans – A failing political party whose original parts need to be replace to one extent or another by Patriots that perform the same functions… better.

The Republicans – Political Party – A party barely alive – Gentleman we can rebuilt it – We have the patriotism – We have the capability to build the first political party for the people – The Republican Party will be that Party – Better than it was before – Better – Stronger – Braver

Maybe it was growing up watching the “Six Million Dollar Man” that I cultivated my belief that not everything that is broken needs to be discarded. There are plenty of things in our lives that when they break it is convenient to pitch them in the trash. However, there are somethings that for sentimental reasons or simply because they are irreplaceable that must be restored. In those occasions it is worth taking your time to do it right and try to make them better than they were before. Whether President Trump is successful or not in his bid to claim the Presidency for the next four years, we are entering into a period of time in which we will have to fight to preserve our Republic. It doesn’t matter who is inaugurated on January 20th we should have no confusion about what is at stake. Our freedom and way of life are irreplaceable and the current Republican party is not up to the task of protecting them.

It is with a heavy heart that I come to this conclusion. I have watched as Republicans have stymied the agenda of President Trump almost as much as the Democrats. An agenda that we the base of the Republican party sent him to Washington to enact. As I watch the GOP step on every rake in the GA Senate runoffs, I can only conclude that the current Republican leadership is stuck in the 2000’s and believes that day of the Bushs and the Romneys will come again. They need to realize that those days are gone and the base demands other priorities. The base will no longer accept spinelessness and a willingness to kowtow to the media to avoid doing what is right. We expect our leaders to standup and follow the constitution.

We have two options before us. We can form our own populous party based upon the ideas of liberty and freedom, but damming ourself to Democrat rule or we can stand up and reclaim the Republican party by pushing out the establishment wing and making them the minority. President Trump has given us a blueprint on how to build a lasting coalition of Americans from all walks of life. Ironically, it is very simple… always do what is best for Americans. Why this is so controversial and difficult for our establishment politicians to understand this is beyond me. We need to take what the Tea Party did and expand it in a massive scale and embed it into the DNA of the Republican Party so it cannot be dismissed or diminished when convenient.

Dinesh D’Souza released a great video explaining why we should focus on remaking the Republican party. He makes a great point that we will still need some Rino Republicans that can win in purple and blue areas and while not 100% reliable will be superior to any Democrat that we would get in response to trying to run someone too far to the right. His strategy involves locating and primarying those Rinos occupying safe Republican seats. Why do we keep the Romney’s, Murkowski’s and Crenshaw’s around? Those are areas where we should be looking to seat fire breathers who do not have to rely on good press from mainstream media to continue getting elected. They deep red areas should be producing our greatest champions, not our Achilles heels.

As the GA runoff enters the final two weeks, we are seeing what should have easily been a blowout become a brawl. At every level the GOP has done nothing, but try to lose these races. The GOP really thinks that President Trump is not reflective of the current GOP base and they are more than glad to get rid of him. They believe that President Trump is the anchor that is holding them back, but the reality is he was the engine that dragged many lackluster establishment candidates across the finish line. No President Trump and his legacy of fight is not going away and neither are the base. The establishment GOP can learn to get behind this movement or they can retire (voluntarily or forcefully) as we can no longer accept halfhearted measures.

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