We are 7 days from the Georgia runoff where the fate of our Republic may be determined. At stake are 2 senate seats that will determine who controls the Senate. Depending on how the Presidential Election finally shakes out, (not looking the best for team Trump) Democrats could control both houses of Congress and the White House. If this happens, despite the very small margins in both houses it could be a disastrous four years.

Biden would be entering the White House under a heavy cloud. Compromised by China via his son Hunter and with the irregularities of elections in battleground states he will have to appease the far left of his party to continue to keep support and get anything done. He cannot rely on waiting till 2022 when the potential for Republicans to regain control of both Houses would make him a tempting target for impeachment. The far left of the party would see this as advantageous as Harris is ideologically closer to the radical elements of the party and Biden is merely a weathervane. Democrats in both Houses of Congress would find themselves in similar situations where they would be held hostage by the ultra-progressive wing of the party due to their razor thin majorities. They could afford no defection on any vote and would need to keep sweetening the progressive pot in order to keep their policies moving forward. While it would help them in the near term it would probably result in a backlash and assist with Republicans regaining majorities. Or would it?

Whether you hate him or love him President Trump is the most popular Republican and as much as the establishment GOP would love to pretend, he and his supporters are not going away. This represents a real problem for the establishment. How do they continue to hold power while playing their Rino games when the voting base is tired of them? They don’t and this is evident in the GA Senate runoffs where the GOP candidates should be running away with this election, but are behind in polling. Whatever GOP establishment consultants they are listening to it is not working. Instead of pulling ahead, the GOP seems to be stepping on rakes no matter which direction they try to move. Instead of trying to capitalize on the MAGA movement, the GOP seems more than willing to sacrifice the two Senate seats and sit in opposition to prove that the establishment is right.

  • The last 30 plus years the GOP weighted themselves down using the Marquess of Queensberry boxing rules while their opponents have viewed the contest as a knife fight. Queensberry boxing rules only work when both sides agree and abide by the rules, but when it becomes a street fight then you need to adjust or lose. During this time, we watched every Bush, McCain and Romney wilt under pressure from left and the media and not fight back. They would rush back to us and say, “They tried to burn down the house, but great news I talked them into only burning down the barn.” I don’t care if it is 1,000 votes or 1,000,000 votes, I expect Republicans to fight for free and fair elections and root out any and all election fraud. The unwillingness to fight for something that most Republican voters believe occurred, makes it appear that the establishment would rather get rid of President Trump than keep the Senate seats. That they would rather fight for the status quo than for you.
  • The GOP seems to have as little curiosity over the rampant voting irregularities of swing states as the media. While I expect this of the Media, this makes zero sense for the Republicans. Yeah, I get that a lot of the establishment on the left and right hates President Trump, but to allow Democrats to flagrantly steal the election sets a precedent that is going to make fighting back against this type of cheating more difficult next time. The base has watched as Democrats have violated law after law and never seem to pay a price for it. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting Tea Party Groups, Unmasking of American Citizens, Spying on Presidential Campaigns, Sleeping with CCP Spies and having them as your chauffeurs, hiring foreign nationals to work on congressional IT systems from foreign countries and having your children involved in lucrative deals with foreign countries collecting millions of dollars. Each and everyone of these we have heard strong talk, but not seen anyone brought to justice. If you are in the Trump orbit and you lie to Congress you will have an FBI swat team raid your house at 6 AM. The base is tired of the double standard and if they won’t fight now figure why should we keep fighting for them.
  • Go back to being the Republican Swamp. So, what have the Republicans done since the election? They have given out more tech worker visas to India and China. Mind you that they are jobs that can be done despite the pandemic. Instead of focusing on ways to get American companies to hire more of out work Americans they decided to write a bill to import cheaper tech labor to push Americans out of these jobs during a pandemic. They collaborated with Democrats behind closed doors on a giant 2.4 trillion-dollar porkulus bill, which they laughably titled the Corona Relief bill. I say laughably because it sent billions of dollars overseas for foreign aid and gave Americans $600 dollars. Granted there was more unemployment protection money and some more for the paycheck protection act. However, this money was dwarfed by the political pork and the optics of spending so much in foreign aid when so many Americans were struggling are just callous. Now while it appears that Senator McConnel is moving forward increasing the direct payment stimulus to $2,000 he has packaged it with 302 reform/termination and standing up a commission on looking into potential fraud in the 2020 election. While the Democrats heavily favor the stimulus increase, they are against the 302 action and the election commission. This could be a political disaster or political genius and it will depend on which way this falls. Unfortunately, the Senate races in GA may be in the balance of this gamble.
  • Lack of calls for State Senate special sessions. While this needed to be done in five of the swing states due to the number of irregularities, it really needed to be done in GA. While the other states have a couple of years to address the laws that got them into this mess, GA has a runoff using all the same rules. Of all the States, GA was one of the worst in bypassing their state legislation in terms of changing election laws. They had backroom deals that were not made public knowledge, treated GOP and Democrat counties different and allowed outside groups to dictate terms in how the election would be run to benefit Democrats in order to obtain grants from private money. Now with California and New York money flooding the state for the Democrats, both GOP Senate candidates face the same uphill battle as they did during the Presidential Election because none of the rules benefiting Democrats have been addressed. Demanding and pressuring the Republicans in GA to address a lot of these issues in a special session would have made the runoffs easier for the GOP candidates, but would have given the Trump Campaign needed ammunition with which they could have attacked the election integrity of the GA Presidential Election. A real Sophie’s Choice for the GOP swamp.

The GOP missed a real opportunity to turn these runoffs into a rout. They had a ready-made base that was pissed and ready to keep fighting. Instead of capitalizing on that energy it seems that they have done whatever they could to minimize the base to make crawling back into the swamp easier. They have done everything they could to prove to us and the media that they are not like President Trump and are ready to return to business as usual. It is a testament to our willingness to fight for America that the candidates are not further down. If the balance of the Senate did not hang in the balance, I can assure you that the Democrats would basically take these seats uncontested with the way that the base feels. The key to making this an easy victory was simply supporting President Trump and allowing him to take every constitutional action that he could. Those that fought will be remember, those that did not will most likely face stiff primary challenges supported by a base that will never forget.

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